March 15 2017
We choose the smoked salmon pâté and a charcuterie plate for starters. The pâté ($12) gets good marks, with the requisite smokiness smoothed out by a dill-based sour cream. The...
Broad Art Museum sets a Nov. 9 dedication date
July 18 2012
"Yes, finally!" said founding director Michael Rush, with a laugh. "It seems every day there are dramatic changes, and we will be fully ready and installed by then — probably, we’ll be ready...
Nov. 7 2012
Broad ART Museum Director Michael Rush, Performance curator Dan Hirsch, Broad Museum curator Alison Gass and Deputy Director Min Jung Kim
Veteran docents take the plunge into contemporary art
Nov. 7 2012
If you're not sure how to engage with contemporary art at the Broad Museum, find your inner child. An outer one is even better
Broad curator Alison Gass hosts a tour of Kristin Cammermeyer's 'Resituating'
July 11 2012
"People can learn what the art is about, instead of just seeing it," Gass said. By knowing the journey of the exhibition and artist, Gass says she hopes to provide the viewer with a more complete experience
Kresge Art Museums collection will not have a permanent home at the Broad Art Museum
May 26 2011
In a grouping of diverse cultural rock stars, a seventh-century pope (Gregory I), a 14th-century Spanish bishop and a wooden Yoruba warrior from west Africa hold a time-traveling, cross-cultural summit...
Meet Michael Rush, the new founding director of MSU’s Broad Art Museum
Dec. 22 2010
Turning scary into fun is a specialty for Rush, and he’s about to do it on a grand scale. By spring of 2012, when the Broad Museum is finished, the former Jesuit priest, theater experimenter and...

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