Planning Board member under fire for marijuana advocacy
May 11 2017
Three Lansing City Council members think Planning Board member Josh Hovey has a conflict of interest and want him to resign. Hovey is the spokesman for a marijuana legalization ballot initiative and as...
May 4 2017
Vincent Delgado, co-founder of Lansing’s Refugee Development Center and briefly a member of the Lansing City Council, sarcastically called the Council’s decision to reverse a sanctuary city...
Chamber says jump; Council says how high
April 12 2017
Judi Brown Clarke, an at-large Councilwoman and mayoral candidate, issued a press statement Tuesday in which she shared credit with Councilwoman At- Large Carol Wood for the special session
City Council prepares to undo its rare moment of courage
April 12 2017
Tonight’s meeting is the work of Carol Wood and Judi Brown Clarke. Surprisingly, they voted last week to support the call for sanctuary city status. Until then, they’d indicated that being...
With Bernero not running, Schor’s support piles up
March 8 2017
Seats on the Andy Schor Express to City Hall are quickly filling up
Neighborhood activist files for Council in 2nd Ward
Feb. 22 2017
Rodocker, who has filed to run in the 2nd Ward in the August primary election, sees an area of the city overrun with medical marijuana dispensaries and shuttered businesses along crumbling roads. That,...
Lansing is finding out in sanctuary city debate
Feb. 15 2017
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare wrote. And that may be the case in Lansing in the debate over whether the city should declare itself a sanctuary city
Federal, state reprisals chill sanctuary city ardor
Feb. 8 2017
A rising chorus of voices is calling for Lansing to openly declare itself a sanctuary city, where local officials limit cooperation with federal immigration agents, as a substantive shield and symbolic...
City attorney said McIntyre filed employment claim against the city
Feb. 1 2017
The still largely unexplained $160,663 payout to former City Attorney Janene McIntyre was preceded by a legal claim she made against the city, according to the minutes of an obscure council committee...
Former city auditor seeks to replace former boss on City Council
Feb. 1 2017
Having had a front row seat to the making of legislative sausage in Lansing, Jim DeLine, the City Council’s recently retired internal auditor, wants into the kitchen. He’s announced that...
Three challengers aim to unseat Lansing Council members
Jan. 25 2017
Two weeks ago, James McClurken became the first official candidate for Lansing City Council. He announced he’s challenging Fourth Ward Councilmember Jessica Yorko, who has not yet filed paperwork...
City Council rift could complicate upcoming development decisions
Jan. 25 2017
The deadlock over Lansing City Council leadership is over — but the chasm between two Council factions is neither bridged nor resolved, laying the groundwork for gridlock that could impact major...
City Council deadlocked over new leadership
Jan. 11 2017
Lansing City Council is splitsville. After hours of back and forth debate, the body failed Monday to come to a consensus on who would make up the leadership for this year
With two weeks to go, Council presidency up in air
Dec. 21 2016
But her opponent is Carol Wood, and among the differences between the two is one with a bearing on who should lead: Wood has a perfect attendance record at Committee of the Whole meetings and Dunbar shows...
Arts Council of Greater Lansing recognizes local artists, art supporters
Dec. 14 2016
Last week, over 200 local artists, art supporters, business leaders and community members gathered at MSU’s University Club to celebrate the local arts scene
Arts Council fundraiser includes auction of City Pulse cover art
Nov. 30 2016
The Arts Council of Greater Lansing will auction off over 15 pieces of art that graced the cover of City Pulse this year as part of its annual Holliday Glitter fundraiser next week
Contradictions hobble plan to save Scott House
Sept. 7 2016
The future of a proposal to move the city-owned house at the center of the Scott Park controversy and convert it to condos is hazy at best “For the record, we have not revoked our proposal,”...
Score one for BWL, city in battle over Scott Park
July 13 2016
Opponents of the plan to locate a $26 million power substation in a downtown park have apparently lost an important battle
Council comfortable with Bernero’s latest choice for city attorney
June 22 2016
For months, the Lansing City Attorney’s Office has been rocked by one controversy after another. That’s something City Attorney nominee Jim Smiertka hopes to fix
Bias complaint may prompt Council to forego housing approvals
June 8 2016
Half of the Lansing City Council, prompted by a federal housing discrimination complaint orchestrated by the Bernero Administration, is prepared to halt approval of all developments that include housing...

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