May 4 2017
Don’t believe me? Ask the folks in Austin, Ind. One drug user there became infected with HIV. Within a year, 190 cases of HIV linked to needle sharing had been identified in the rural community....
Bishop finds a safe place for town halls: Small-town Stockbridge, a GOP stronghold
April 26 2017
Bishop carried Stockbirdge Township 53.5 percent to 30.4 percent for Democrat Suzanna Shkreli. The county went the other way: 56 percent for Shkreli and 38 percent for Bishop
Gonorrhea, chlamydia raging in Ingham County as Health Department rolls out education effort
April 26 2017
The “clap” and “clam” — street names for gonorrhea and chlamydia — are occurring well above the national rate in Ingham County, particularly among African Americans
Canine trio face death sentence In disputed case in Ionia County
March 22 2017
The three dogs have been in the Ionia County Animal Shelter since July 8, when they broke out of the yard of Vamvakias’ yard. She was watching Hustin’s dogs while Hustin and his wife, an active...
Major Brown Clarke backer owes $72,000 in delinquent taxes
March 8 2017
The host of mayoral candidate Judi Brown Clarke’s kickoff fundraiser owes over $72,000 in delinquent property taxes, interest and fees either personally or through limited liability companies of...
Rep. Andy Schor pitches a gentler style in bid for mayor of Lansing
Feb. 22 2017
After a long day as a minority voice in Michigan’s Republican-controlled Legislature, Rep. Andy Schor likes to unwind with a book before bed
Millage will put Ingham County trails in trim in 2017
Feb. 15 2017
You can learn a lot from the recreational trails pavement report prepared for the Ingham County Parks Department in 2015. It’s a grim pathology of horrors like “raveling,” “flushing,”...
Needle exchange program could head off HIV outbreak
Feb. 1 2017
In a race against time, the Ingham County Health Department and other local agencies are working to set up a needle exchange program to head off a potential outbreak of HIV and other communicable diseases...
A church’s dream faces foreclosure by Ingham County
Dec. 21 2016
In September 2014, members of the Tabernacle of David church on the city’s southwest side were excited. They’d bought a former charter school right across the street at 2130 W. Holmes Road....
County door cracks open again on infrastructure bonds
Dec. 7 2016
A controversial proposal for Ingham County to issue millions of dollars in bonds to fund the public infrastructure for the $380 million Red Cedar Renaissance project may get new life
Ingham County needs GOP officials: O'Berry and Trojanowicz
Nov. 2 2016
The Ingham County Prosecutor's Office and Sheriff's Department need a quick and thorough housecleaning
Policing policy in Eaton race inevitably turns personal
Nov. 2 2016
The man eyed Tom Reich, the Eaton County sheriff, as he introduced himself and me, a tag-along reporter. He motioned the sheriff to follow him into the garage, signaling me to stay away. The two spoke...
Nov. 2 2016
Eaton County isn’t the only one where voters are facing a choice for sheriff. In Ingham, law enforcement families are clashing with a matchup between the sons of Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth...
Nov. 2 2016
By next Wednesday, Ingham County will have elected its first female prosecutor. Billie Jo O’Berry, a Republican, is running against Carol Siemon, a Democrat
O’Berry wants public defender office; price tag: Over $5 million
Oct. 19 2016
Billie Jo O’Berry, the GOP candidate for Ingham County prosecutor in the Nov. 8 General Election, wants the county to invest in a fully funded public defender office to provide high quality legal...
Prosecutor won’t press charges against LCC trustee candidate
Sept. 14 2016
Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum asked the Mason Police Department to investigate Mathews for perjury after Mathews signed an affadavit of identity this year swearing she did not owe any campaign fines or...
State probing donations to Eaton sheriff’s campaign
Aug. 17 2016
Thousands of dollars’ worth of corporate campaign donations to the reelection campaign of Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich are being investigated by the secretary of state for potential violations...
Behind Dunnings’ plea: politics and rigged justice
Aug. 3 2016
Bernie Sanders is talking about income inequality when he growls that “the system is rigged,” but his complaint is just as valid for the “justice” system
Provided by the League of Women Voters
July 27 2016
Provided by the League of Women Voters
New jail, regional cooperation and park funds top the list
July 27 2016
Two openly gay men are vying to move onto the November ballot as the Democratic candidate for the Second County Commission District. It’s the first time in Ingham County history that two out gay...

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