Mega-Bev / Ulta Beauty
March 8 2017
In May, this former south Lansing grocery store, 3630 S. Cedar St., will become the fifth location for Mega-Bev, a southwest Michigan-based purveyor of craft beer, wine and liquor. It will be the biggest...
Summer edition
May 25 2016
With the recent spike in Lansing-area barbecue joints and microbreweries, being the hero of the summer backyard party has never been easier
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns.
Feb. 10 2016
Stover has started a Kickstarter project to make his game a reality. Stover is hoping to raise $15,000 for the project by Sunday. If the campaign is successful, Stover hopes to have the game available...
Craft cocktails catch on in Lansing
Oct. 28 2015
The bar is just one of several examples of the budding craft cocktail movement in Greater Lansing. While craft beer is the big economic driver in Michigan’s beverage industry — and soaks up...
Craft beer distribution network reaching the mainstream
June 26 2013
Finley's American Grill is an appropriate metaphor for the rise and expanding reach of craft beer in the United States. The all-American style family restaurant with five locations in Michigan proudly...
Author profiles all of Michigan’s 139 breweries and brewpubs
June 18 2014
Travel writer Kevin Revolinski calls himself a “born-again drinker with a writing habit.” Over the last several years, he’s developed a practical knowledge of Great Lakes area craft beer...
Lansing’s second music and beer festival this month settles on Adado Park
April 16 2014
A few months ago, professional event organizer Sam Porter spotted a pile of empty beer cans after an event in East Lansing. Poking out from among the PBRs and Busch Lights, something caught his eye: a...
Lansing man spins his love of beer into part-time gig
June 26 2013
Beer, as Homer Simpson famously toasted, is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. Well, it was something close to that, at least. Either way, we're willing to bet he never thought of turning...
June 18 2014
On taps and apps Michigan craft beer scene gets digital by Allan I. Ross You’ve probably noticed the beer selection at your local tavern slowly transforming itself from the same labels...
Michigan breweries, craft beer industry and the impact on state tourism
June 26 2013
People from around the country come to Michigan for the sports teams and the music. These days, add craft beer to the list of reasons people visit the state
Weeklong event celebrates Michigan beer
June 19 2013
After a successful debut last year, Lansing Beer Week is back for another round of food pairings, pub crawls and historical tours. It starts Friday with the Festival of the Sun in Old Town, and wraps up...
June 26 2013
After being shuttered for four years, Zoobie's Old Town Tavern re-opened June 17 with new owners, a retro look and a new concept, which relies heavily on craft beers and specialty cocktails
New Lansing ‘micro-roastery’ keeps the focus on coffee beans
March 5 2014
Thursday, Mar. 5 — For some people, enjoying a fresh cup of joe is more than pressing the brew button on a coffeemaker — it’s a daily sacrament. For those who take their coffee seriously,...
Toast the season at Crunchy’s in East Lansing
Oct. 19 2011
Craft beer continues to grow as an industry, relying on the enthusiasm of beer aficionados looking for something a little less mainstream, unsatisfied with the selection of mass-produced beers on tap courtesy...
Juanita Kennedy discovered a perfect medium for her art: versatile Styrofoam
April 13 2011
What is the difference between art and craft? Can a craft be honed to the point of becoming art, or is the artist aspect of a work based on ideas more than skill? When debaters tire of arguing over the...
June 17 2015
Historians may look back on Metro Lansing’s teen years as its Craft Beer Era. Since 2012, no fewer than four craft beer manufacturing facilities — microbreweries, brewpubs and tasting rooms...
Feb. 25 2015
The local craft beer scene continues to boom with the recent announcement that Ellison Brewery and Spirits, a proposed new microbrewery/ microdistillery, will open in East Lansing later this year. The...

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