Talented actors drive MSU’s ‘Urinetown’
April 19 2017
Maybe a baseball analogy will help us here. It’s hard to imagine hitting a home run when the count is no balls and two strikes, and you’ve already fouled off a few good pitches
New maps show where overdose crisis is worse
Jan. 18 2017
“Scanner — 30-year-old male overdose victim, not breathing, needles on floor nearby, 3600 block of Lathrop.”
Signals mixed on health insurance in the coming Trump era
Nov. 30 2016
Since Donald Trump’s election, patients have been asking me about the fate of the Affordable Care Act. The announcement Tuesday that the president-elect has selected an ardent foe of Obamacare to...
Ingham County needs GOP officials: O'Berry and Trojanowicz
Nov. 2 2016
The Ingham County Prosecutor's Office and Sheriff's Department need a quick and thorough housecleaning
Policing policy in Eaton race inevitably turns personal
Nov. 2 2016
The man eyed Tom Reich, the Eaton County sheriff, as he introduced himself and me, a tag-along reporter. He motioned the sheriff to follow him into the garage, signaling me to stay away. The two spoke...
Zika scare health warning used for a department Facebook ‘joke’
Sept. 14 2016
The Bath Charter Township Police Department is using its official Facebook page to issue a false warning to the public to be wary of meth because it might be contaminated with the debilitating Zika virus
Controller told of ethics concerns last spring, Byrum says
Nov. 4 2015
Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum said the county’s top appointed official was warned about allegations of improper vendor and staff relationships in the county Information Technology Depart ment in...
Nov. 4 2015
This impressive building is on Michigan State University’s “Laboratory Row,” a portion of West Circle Drive that features some of the campus’ oldest remaining buildings. It was...
Sheriff's Department and Mason PD both rely on county IT services
Nov. 4 2015
Following an interview with City Pulse 10 days ago, Ingham County Administrator Tim Dolehanty made a decision to refer emails and other documents related to Michael Ashton’s acceptance of junkets...
Officials say apple cider at St. Johns mill safe to enjoy
Nov. 4 2015
LANSING—Apple cider seekers shouldn’t be deterred this fall by what one expert is calling a unique, isolated incident of tainted cider in St. Johns
This story has been updated to correct an error.
March 11 2015
Lansings mayor wants a police policy governing the release of officers names. Police departments, whatever their size, are at their core paramilitary organizations governed by rules and regulations,...
Nov. 5 2014
Today, shoppers shamble, zombie-like, through harshly lit megastores with selfcheckouts and few flesh-and-blood points of contact. The sight of the refurbished Knapp´s Centre in late October 2014,...
Nov. 5 2014
On Dec. 6, 2007, the nationally syndicated comic strip "Zippy the Pinhead" prominently featured the Lansing´s Knapp´s Department Store building. In the first panel. the curved northeast corner...
MSU Department of Theatre alumni revisit the boards of their youth
June 25 2014
Kurt Vonnegut once said that true terror is to wake up and realize your high school class is running the country. But what about realizing your college chums are the ones pulling strings in the entertainment...
Guitar strings, toy car motors and sewing machine needles: The underground tattoo scene in Lansing
Oct. 16 2013
When “Trip” Davis was 17 years old, he went to jail for the first time. It wasn’t his last time there, either — in the 15 years since, he’s spent almost as much of his life...
Federal audit of Lansing Police Department shows forfeiture funds mismanaged, pointing to larger, statewide issue
Jan. 9 2014
The Lansing Police Department is the subject of a recent U.S. Department of Justice report showing instances of poor financial management and misallocation of federally awarded funds over the past five...
Area police departments scan license plates without policies for how to use the information and how long to keep it. ACLU is investigating
July 24 2013
Several Lansing area police departments have been using car-mounted automatic license plate readers to passively collect and store data on motorists — some for as long as two years — without...
Dec. 26 2013
We don’t want to tip our hand just yet to what shows might be recognized at next year’s Pulsar Awards, but three of our resident theater critics — Mary Cusack, Ute Von Der Heyden and...
Lansing Police Department opens homicide cold-case information to public, as veteran detective eases into a new role. But over 70 cases are unsolved.
Feb. 5 2014
It will no longer take hundreds of dollars and hours of work for the public to access basic information about unsolved homicides being investigated by the Lansing Police Department
Police union and administration at odds over how best to promote public safety in Lansing — who’s right?
Oct. 9 2013
In late May, the Fraternal Order of Police announced its endorsements in this year’s Lansing City Council races. Particularly, it announced its support for Chong-Anna Canfora, who is taking on incumbent...

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