April 19 2017
Only a few defied the ruling — and nothing happened to them in Lansing, thanks to the progressive position of the Bernero administration. Gradually, old owners reopened and new ones came along until...
Strict proposed ordinance uses zoning to sharply reduce dispensaries
April 19 2017
Those conclusions are based on taking a map provided by the City Council of proposed restricted and non-restricted areas and placing on it the existing dispensaries that City Pulse was able to determine...
Lansing’s reefer madness approach shortsighted as state moves rapidly toward legalization
April 19 2017
Politicians are trying to balance the future against constituents with a reefer madness mentality who would kill the marijuana business in Lansing if they could. Our likely future mayor, Andy Schor, has...
Outlets would be forced to Lansing's far ends
April 19 2017
Only a few defied the ruling — and nothing happened to them in Lansing, thanks to the progressive position of the Bernero administration. Gradually, old owners reopened and new ones came along until...
City's proposed marijuana law would cripple dispensaries
Aug. 3 2016
Lansing has an estimated 70 marijuana-oriented businesses scattered throughout the city. In just a few months, many of them could disappear
City attorney takes harder line than Bernero
July 6 2016
An already complicated battle over Lansing’s medical marijuana industry has gotten even more controversial with the appointment of James Smiertka as the new Lansing city attorney
Lansing City Council plans dispensary moratorium; licensing provisions likely
May 11 2016
Lansing's City Council is poised to approve a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries in the city Thursday. It’s the first step towards regulating the businesses and, some residents and...
Oddly matched interests seek rules for pot dispensaries
March 30 2016
The booming medical marijuana dispensary industry in Lansing has created an alliance of political partners easily defined as strange bedfellows.
Ex-cop champions making pot shops legal
Dec. 2 2015
It’s like Nixon going to China. Rick Jones is a conservative ex-cop who is leading the charge to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan. His actions may soon allow the operators of the...
Southsiders demand city crack down on dispensaries
Nov. 18 2015
With an explosion of new pot shops opening across south Lansing’s large commercial corridors, residents are demanding city officials take action to curb the businesses
Jones leading way in Senate on bill favoring dispensaries
Oct. 14 2015
After clearing the state House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority this month, a legislative package to tax and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries has a strong likelihood of making it...
Lansing prepares to tighten medical marijuana dispensary rules
Dec. 10 2014
It’s Friday night and the club is hopping. Red neon signs flash, “Open,” “Darts, Pool, Big Screen TVs.” Cars line the street and are queued up at the front door of the “lounge.” This...
n and now: What A Difference A Year Can Make
Aug. 22 2012
Last year's Court of Appeals decision in what's commonly known as the "McQueen case" effectively rid Michigan Avenue of nearly all 11 of its medical marijuana dispensaries. Today, only one remains. While...
A District Court ruling and a statewide decriminalization/legalization effort are welcome news for Lansing-area cannabis advocates
Dec. 5 2012
If District Judge Hugh Clarke Jr.'s ruling last month dismissing criminal charges against four local dispensary employees provided anything, it was a little piece of mind
Few dispensaries remain, leaving little doubt that medical marijuana activity has gone back underground. Now, all eyes are on the state Supreme Court.
Aug. 22 2012
Once the neon flashes of an open sign and maybe a cannabis leaf showed plainly in the windows of 41 storefronts across greater Lansing. A half-dozen or so remain. Where once 11 medical marijuana dispensaries...
A House Republican introduces medical marijuana legislation that seeks to survive the "Grandma Test" and allow for locally controlled dispensaries, er, provisioning centers
Aug. 22 2012
Although it probably won't make it into the final language of the bill, state Rep. Mike Callton said any proposed medical marijuana "provisioning center" should pass the all-important "Grandma Test."
Aug. 24 2011
Ryan Richmond owns Relief Choices, a dispensary with three locations throughout the state (including one on Michigan Avenue in Lansing). Unlike some of his colleagues, he’s not quite as threatened...
Was a medical marijuana dispensary opponent’s business the target of a July 3 shooting on Lansing’s east side? Meanwhile, license applications start pouring in.
July 13 2011
It’s merely speculation at this point, but could it be that one of the leading opponents of the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries Jim Herbert, chairman and CEO of Neogen had his business...
Some Stay Open. Some Stay Closed: The Road Ahead For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Sept. 14 2011
Within two weeks after the state Court of Appeals said on Aug. 23 that selling medical marijuana is illegal, the Greater Lansing Medical Marijuana Business Association held a meeting at the vacant Story...
An Editorial
June 29 2011
The Council had plenty of time to fashion a reasonable ordinance since the imposition of a moratorium on new dispensaries last December. But with Friday’s expiration of the moratorium looming, the...

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