April 19 2017
Let us start today by singing the praises of Lula’s Cookhouse’s fried chicken ($15.99). The breading is light and, dare I say, buttery. The skin crackles and crunches as you bite into it, and...
Bountiful thrift store sits you down and heats your pizza
Aug. 17 2016
It’s hard to believe we almost lost the surprisingly cozy 23,000-square-foot St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to a fire in 2011. In spite of the imposing, almosttoo-nice-looking 2013 rebuild, the...
Jan. 6 2016
To bring you this special 2016 New Year’s issue of City Pulse, we sat down with nine interesting people who are doing interesting things in the Lansing area. We invite you to sit down with them,...
Red Cedar project could transform Michigan Avenue Corridor
Nov. 12 2014
If the glamorous Red Cedar Renaissance project were open today, those frequenting the businesses or living there would be greeted by a shabby eastern gateway into Lansing. There’s a parking lot...
Pizzano's offers 'pub grub' and beyond
Feb. 18 2015
Blue collar charm Standing in Piazzano’s parking lot, I looked across Grand River Avenue at a darkened, silent lumber yard. It struck me that Piazzano’s is like several other Lansing...
Sept. 10 2014
The headlines late last month all trumpeted the news: Nine shootings in nine days. It was “uncommon” for Lansing, city police say, but an aberration in crime for the area, not a trend
Nathan Alan contemplates life, love and nature on his ‘Better Times’ EP
March 11 2015
“Well I don’t know much about the game,” proclaims Lansing singer/songwriter Nathan Alan in “The Game,” the opening track of his recently released “Better Review Times”...
Lansing Symphony, violinist Philippe Quint go for the jugular in first concert of 2012
Jan. 9 2013
Imagine two contrasting romantic scenes. In the first, a beautiful person comes into sudden view, coils around you and bite-kisses your lower lip without mercy for about 17 minutes. In the second, you...
A Church of the Resurrection building on the East Side comes down as a cost-cutting move for the Catholic Diocese of Lansing
Aug. 29 2012
There will be no resurrecting a convent that stood for over 50 years on the campus of a historic church on the East Side. An official with the Catholic Diocese of Lansing confirmed Monday that the old...
One Saturday night. No shirt. Plenty of liquid dynamite. Lots of money.
Dec. 7 2011
My first trip out to the floor left me staring around doe-eyed. Then I realized I still had my shirt on. Going back behind the bar, no shots sold, I tore my white dress shirt off and left my chest bare...
Some business owners say the downtown bar crowd is out of control: ‘It’s just kind of a zoo down here’
Nov. 16 2011
Early last Thursday, local event promoter and hip-hop fan Ygnacio Notch Bermudez, 35, was shot to death outside The Loft, a live music venue and bar at 414 E. Michigan Ave. The murder is the latest...
Lansing Symphony brings down the curtain on season with triumphant double dip
April 20 2011
Get too full of yourself on the concert stage and Bugs Bunny will bang the bandshell with a giant hammer until you vibrate, or make you hold a note until your face turns plaid. The Three Stooges will flick...
Kondonassis, LSO mix show and substance
Jan. 12 2011
Over the past five years, Muffitt has excelled at keeping butts in seats while stretching the brains above them. With each subscription concert, he has found a way to expand Lansing’s classical music...
June 30 2010
The series, sponsored by WMMQ-FM, continues with Jimmy Thackery on July 8; Big Bill and the Blues Ambassadors and Homemade Jamz on July 22; Stan Budzynski and the Third Degree and Sonny Moorman on July...
A story about dropping down all 23 stories of Boji Tower
June 9 2010
Perhaps more important, the event raised money for a good cause. The Team Foundation, a division of the Greater Lansing Convention
A couple of years and a Facebook group later, Lansing resident kisses eyesore goodbye
May 19 2010
Since Orlich moved onto Princeton Street five years ago, the house at 735 Princeton has been a problem. At first, the people living there were a nuisance, attracting the attention of the cops. Then, when...
Q&A: Stargrazer
Oct. 14 2009
Lansing artist and musician Peter Richards talks about recordings, performing and how Mike Watt saved him from “Mustang Sally.”
May 13 2009
(Left) War Bond Rally, 1943: During World War II, bond rallies were held almost everywhere, but they were especially intense in Lansing. Among Michigan cities, only Detroit had a higher proportion of war...
Sept. 23 2009
Your burning questions about a state government shutdown are answered
Detroit guitarist sings the blues with style
Sept. 16 2009
Blues guitarist Johnnie Bassett, AKA “The Gentleman,” has been in the music business for more than 50 years, playing sessions and gigs with the likes of John Lee Hooker, The Miracles, Little...

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