April 19 2017
“The Bodyguard” — Oct. 17-22 “An American in Paris” — Nov. 14-19 “Finding Neverland” — Dec. 12-17 “Waitress” — Jan. 23-28 “On...
Feb. 22 2017
GTG Records and the Fledge Music Group celebrates the release of a new compilation of local artists, “He Just Wrote Them Like That: A Tribute to George Harrison,” Saturday at the Avenue Café....
Politics push a Broadway classic back into its discomfort zone
Feb. 22 2017
Instead of settling into the complacent valley of the classics, Broadway’s “Cabaret” manages to keep dangling at the edge of the abyss
LCC brings colorful, child-friendly take on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale
Feb. 22 2017
To be honest, a child should probably be writing this review. Lansing Community College’s latest production, “The Snow Queen,” is unabashedly meant for children. The adaptation...
Feb. 8 2017
From romantic dinners and dances to drag performers and Dungeons & Dragons, Greater Lansing has a wide variety of Valentine’s Day activities to choose from
Feb. 1 2017
Feb. 24 2016
Also hitting the stage are Grand Rapids-based indie folk outfit the Crane Wives and Chicago-based ambient-indie rockers Steve Leaf & the Ex- Pats. Making its Lansing debut at the show is Public Access,...
LCC goes steampunk in ‘The Threepenny Opera’
Feb. 24 2016
The singers inside Lansing Community College’s Dart Auditorium Friday night blew the roof off the place. I don’t mean that metaphorically
MSU production suffers from lack of context, poor acoustics
Feb. 24 2016
The chilly winds of March arrived early this year, and I fought them as I scurried across the street into MSU’s Auditorium building Friday night. I scooted through a labyrinth of unmarked tunnels,...
Classic play lands again at Riverwalk Theatre
Feb. 17 2016
Some say love is lovelier the second time around. But does a theatrical production of Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” still sizzle as hot the second time around?
Feb. 17 2016
Fans of Lansing-based power-pop band Cheap Girls can check out a stripped-down version of the group Friday when lead vocalist/guitarist Ian Graham performs a solo acoustic set at Mac’s Bar. Openers...
February 19-28
Feb. 17 2016
Macheath, the original Mack the Knife, sneaks ‘round the corner into Dart Auditorium this week as Lansing Community College’s Theatre Program presents “The Threepenny Opera.”
‘The Sound of Music’ displays classic charm
Feb. 10 2016
Some Broadway shows age better than others. For a musical that debuted in 1959, “The Sound of Music” looks and sounds remarkably fresh
A guide to romantic — and not so romantic — events in Greater Lansing.
Feb. 10 2016
This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to love yourself a little. The Lansing Art Gallery invites visitors to treat themselves at a trunk show and soiree featuring handcrafted jewelry by Casey...
Feb. 10 2016
Off the Ledge, a Lansing-based rock band, releases its newly remastered album, “Wherever We Land,” Thursday at the Loft. Opening the all-ages show are the Native Howl, Jellyfish Arcade and...
Feb. 3 2016
A newer addition to Lansing’s punk scene, Scary Women, headline Feb. 11 at Mac’s Bar. Openers are Jonestown Crows, the Fiction Junkies and Mr. Denton On Doomsday. “Scary Women came together...
Friday Feb. 13
Feb. 11 2015
Not so long ago the ukulele was thought of at best a novelty, and at worst the butt of a joke. (What´s the difference between a ukulele and a trampoline? You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline....
Inspired acting can’t save the aimless ‘Theatre2Film’ project
Feb. 4 2015
Undoubtedly, MSU’s “Theatre2Film Project” is an invaluable experience, giving students the freedom to write and perform their own Review work on stage and eventually on film. Audiences...
Feb. 20
Feb. 18 2015
The mainstream comics industry is something of a mess these days. The big two, Marvel and DC Comics, are so busy grooming their characters in hopes of making millions of dollars with movie adaptations...
Thursday Feb. 5
Feb. 4 2015
At his peak in the 1920s, Fats Waller was so popular that Al Capone arranged to have him kidnapped and he was forced to perform at gunpoint for Capone’s birthday celebration. (Waller emerged safely...

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