Spartan Brewpub / Blue Owl Coffee Co.
May 4 2017
“The problem (with microbreweries) is that you can only sell your own beer,” Wells said. “So we decided to go the brewpub route. It allows us to sell a mixture of what we make ourselves...
Lansing native appears on Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight'
April 19 2017
“Marrying a stranger was extremely odd,” Duhon said. “One day you’re single, and the next day you have someone calling you ‘husband.’ You don’t know this person,...
March 8 2017
Juliet Levy-Weston of Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the detail shown in the Jan. 25 "Eye for Design," which she may pick up at City Pulse. She said that the "red stone carved twigs...
Feb. 15 2017
Zoe remembers the first time she saw Amanda, and the second, and the third, but it wasn’t because it was love at first sight. Amanda leaves an impression, and nobody can dispute that. You may not...
Astronaut Mae Jemison pitches interstellar travel at packed Black History Month event
Feb. 8 2017
MSU’s “Slavery to Freedom” speaker series has featured some lofty rhetoric from the likes of Cornel West and Harry Belafonte, but Mae Jemison is the first one to address the audience...
Schavey Road Pub / Sarnie Shope / Ruckus Ramen / Blaze Pizza
Feb. 1 2017
“Our DeWitt customers are definitely (more subdued) than the crowds we see at our other locations,” said Dave Sell, vice president of 414 Entertainment, the Tin Can’s parent company....
Carole King musical will make you feel like a natural person
Jan. 11 2017
Behind every great song is a great songwriter. “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” highlights one such songwriter and the inspiring true story of her successful transition from anonymity...
Jan. 4 2017
Hot Mulligan, a Lansing-based emo/pop-punk quintet, releases its new EP, “Opportunities,” Saturday at Mac’s Bar. Also performing the all-ages show are Kayak Jones, Convenient Trash, Backpacks,...
Veteran diversity trainer Joanna Stark ponders — and fights — human nature
Dec. 14 2016
The more they dread Stark, the better she likes it. At 86, she is Exhibit A in her own long-running class on dealing with workplace diversity
Dec. 14 2016
Timothy Bowman of Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the detail in the Nov. 2 Eye for Design as ‘’one of the mill stones in front of the Christman Building (below),” 208...
Dec. 7 2016
In the touring company of the musical comedy “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” Kevin Massey plays Monty Navarro, an impoverished young man who learns he is a distant heir to an...
CADL downtown branch to close for interior renovations
Dec. 7 2016
Capital Area District Library’s downtown branch, a prime example of Modernist architecture, is looking to modernize its interior
Monte Pride pulls inspiration from folk giants, local legends
Nov. 16 2016
“Play number five!” shouted a small voice from the crowd. Ben Hassenger, guitarist for local band Mystic Shake, obliged 5-yearold Monte Pride’s request, knowing that he meant “Lois,”...
Bill Mechanic returns to MSU to talk film industry, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and ‘real movies’
Nov. 9 2016
Producer Bill Mechanic oversaw the creation of some of the biggest movies of the mid-‘90s as head of 20th Century Fox’s film division. But you wouldn’t know it from the way he talks...
Nov. 2 2016
Emma Henry of Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the detail in the Sept. 14 ‘Eye for Design,’ stating, “The owl is outside HopCat (below) on the corner entrance!”...
Nov. 2 2016
By next Wednesday, Ingham County will have elected its first female prosecutor. Billie Jo O’Berry, a Republican, is running against Carol Siemon, a Democrat
Upcoming event looks back on one of Lansing’s early female pilots
Oct. 19 2016
In an odd historical coincidence, Lansing had its own Babe Ruth. But while the Great Bambino was swatting home runs for the New York Yankees, Marion “Babe” Weyant Ruth was lying in her backyard,...
Russell Malone digs in at first MSU jazz residency of the year
Oct. 12 2016
Russell Malone’s Gibson Super 400, a dark, resonant cavern of a guitar, contains many mansions of sound
Spartan Dance & Fit Center / Celebration! Cinema Lansing & Imax
Sept. 7 2016
With school back in session, parents can release a collective sigh of relief. It’s no longer solely on you to fill eight hours of daytime activities for your feisty offspring
Sept. 7 2016
If you’ve eaten at REO Town eateries Good Truckin’ Diner or Saddleback BBQ, you’ve probably noticed the colorful picnic tables out front. Those tables are a result of last year’s...

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