Downtown Lansing library makeover balances books and people
March 8 2017
Simplification and de-cluttering are key goals of the project. Circulation and information services will both be found at the big new front desk, instead of separate stations. The old glass partition between...
CADL downtown branch to close for interior renovations
Dec. 7 2016
Capital Area District Library’s downtown branch, a prime example of Modernist architecture, is looking to modernize its interior
Rare tour reveals Capitol suffers from leaky gut syndrome
Oct. 12 2016
Some scary things have happened on the floor of Michigan’s Senate and House of Representatives. What’s happening under the floor is none too reassuring, either
After a slow start, the Knapp’s Centre is filling up, LSJ a likely addition
April 1 2015
The Knapp´s Centre in downtown Lansing is beginning to fill with tenants. The Eyde Co., which owns the building, has relocated its offices there. Technology services firm Dewpoint has already expanded...
Making a living in show business 'in the middle of the cornfields'
July 3 2013
he Wharton Center stage teemed with people and activity Saturday night, but the plush red seats in the audience sat empty. Banquet tables loaded with freshly grilled steaks and ribs, poster boards covered...
Eclectic Charlotte business hopes to be a regional hub for mid-Michigan artists
Dec. 19 2012
In downtown Charlotte, in an unassuming three-story brick building on Cochran Avenue, an artistic movement 20 years in the making is taking place. For Richard Turbin and his son Rick Turbin, proprietors...
Comerica Bank event raises funds for Lansing historical museum
Oct. 5 2011
By DENYSE SMITH On a clear Lansing night, the view from the top is a good one, and on Saturday, patrons of the Greater Lansing Historical Society’s Fall Fundraiser will get a chance to see for themselves...
Preservation was just not in the cards for MSUs historic Morrill Hall
Nov. 3 2010
When Morrill Hall was built in 1900, it was a huge house a women’s residential college and it still feels like one. The creaking floors, obsolete fireplaces and time-melted glass windows moan in...
Lansing’s Ottawa Power Station refit nears completion
May 5 2010
All nine floors of the 190,000-square-foot power plant are in place. Workers are routing computer cables, heating and cooling vents and assorted spaghetti into the floors. A glassy new 105,000-square-foot...
Bronze-age Korean architecture hits Ingham County
June 23 2010
Twenty-six people formed a U on Friday around Korean architect and philosopher Jai Soon Ko in room 201 of the Michigan State University International Center. Air and heat vents dotted the ceiling, while...
Thursday – Saturday, Aug. 20-22
Aug. 19 2009
7 p.m. “The Puppet’s Lament” (Fred Engelgau) Creole Gallery, 1218 N. Turner St. “Voice Mail” and “An Act of Madness: The Bath School Bombing” (Riverwalk Theatre)...
Nov. 5 2008
Building: 226 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, LansingOwners: Jonathan and Leola WattsTaxpayers: Jonathan and Leola WattsAssessed: $53,100Owners Say: Unavailable

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