The Grid Arcade and Bar/Red's Smokehouse
April 12 2017
So begins the so-much-coolerthan-it-deserves-to-be 2010 sci-fi sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” but it just as easily describes the opening next week of Old Town’s newest bar: the Grid Arcade...
Acclaimed fantasy author riding high as genre enjoys mainstream success
Sept. 24 2014
Imagine the plight of fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore, who grew up with “six mothers” telling him what to do. That would be his actual mother and his five sisters. “My mother had a routine...
Local LGBT community reacts to the Olympic games being held in a country known for its human rights violations
Feb. 12 2014
Sergei Kvitko claims to be “clueless” about sports — he can’t tell the Super Bowl from the Rose Bowl — but he has good reason to follow the politics of the 2014 Winter Olympics...
Insightful ’Extra Lives’ takes video games very seriously
July 21 2010
In his previous books, Tom Bissell explored the Vietnam War and life in the former Soviet Union. In his latest, “Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter,” Bissell steps into what many consider...
The elaborate world of Lansing gamers
May 27 2009
A platoon of Space Marines walks in formation down the street of a demolished city weaving through crushed buildings and over barbed wire, but Space Marine Sgt. Dan Howard knows something is wrong

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