March 1 2017
Despite a flurry of new businesses flocking to Metro Lansing to take advantage of the rebounding economy and abundance of new urban housing options, there’s been a curious burst of bar/restaurant...
July 20 2016
Meet the Jaws Roll from Maru Sushi & Grill. See that massive cut curving above the plate like a Flintstones bronto rib? That’s a kama (collar bone cut) from a yellowtail hamachi, a large fish used...
June 8 2016
The Buffalo chicken sandwich from Waterfront Bar & Grill features grilled chicken — not fried — which is tossed in Buffalo sauce, so it’s not too heavy. It’s topped with melted...
Top of the Town winners welcome newcomers
June 1 2016
It’s a temple devoted to breakfast. Golden Harvesters willingly stand for hours in line for the chance to sit in a cramped diner while being blasted with punk rock music, all for the chance to sample...
June 17 2015
There’s a little Italian restaurant we visit whenever we’re in Las Vegas. The food ranges from OK to not bad. But we keep coming back to Battista’s Hole in the Wall for the décor...
June 17 2015
Last month, the boyfriend and I went up north. We rode our bicycles, we ate ice cream and salt water taffy and at a lighthouse on Old Mission Peninsula he proposed to me with his great-grandmother’s...
Budget-friendly wines for weekend grilling
July 1 2015
It was a rough ride on the way to finding the ideal style of wine to pair with a hot dog, but a proper experiment needs to accumulate a large enough sample size. First you start with the correct gear:...
July 9 2014
Any restaurant worth its salt aspires to a create a signature dish that casts a spell over patrons, compelling them to go forth and spread the gospel of You Gotta Try This
Do it yourself
Sept. 18 2013
I don’t want to cook my own food when I go out to eat (I’m thinking of a certain fondue chain). So when I heard about Bulgogi’s “grill your own meat” gimmick, I was skeptical
May 21 2014
The 7th Annual Top of the Town Awards crosses the finish line. A trained runner can crush a marathon — 26.2 miles — in around two hours. Ironman Triathlon athletes undergo about half a day...
Ukai serves up a sizzling spectacle
Aug. 8 2012
There's really no need for a movie after dinner at Ukai Japanese Steakhouse—supper is the show. Arrive in any style, sit back and enjoy an evening of juggling eggs, flipping bowls and flying shrimp
Nov. 7 2012
Food Finder listings are rotated each week based on space. If you have an update for the listings, please e-mail
March 20 2013
Food Finder listings are rotated each week based on space. If you have an update for the listings, please e-mail
Get saucy at two local barbecue restaurants
Dec. 21 2011
euro;Ieuro;ve been barbecuing all enough flavor from the rub (sans MSG and binders, Mendoza notes) all by itself, any extra sauce would be my life, doing brisket in the backyard since I was 5 years King...
’Meat-acular’ is the word for State Side’s specials
Nov. 10 2010
Owner Spencer Soka, 30, who grew up urrounded by sandwich-slinging shops in the Detroit suburbs, has tasted his way through Chicago, New York City and Philly, and he realized this area sorely lacked what...
Cocktail Wars: It’s a marathon mix-a-rama
Jan. 27 2010
Cocktail Wars is a bracket-style bartender competition sponsored by City Pulse. The first round was held Jan. 24, and the finale, in which the grand prizewinner will be selected, will be Feb. 28. The grand...
Feb. 24 2010
Those of us who enjoy dining out know all too well that restaurant wine prices can stretch the budget. For the non-expense account crowd, that may mean ordering entry-level wine instead of that better...
Sept. 17 2014
East Lansing has Reno’s East. Lansing has Reno’s West. Is it really any surprise that the sports bar and grill micro-chain would start spreading in other directions? “People loved to...
Aug. 14 2013
For 17 years, Barley’s American Grill was a south Lansing staple for billiards, darts and bar food. Owner Ed Hall opened the 5,000-square-foot establishment after finding success in Kalamazoo with...

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