Kathy Johnson looks back on nearly 40 years in libraries
March 29 2017
Kathy Johnson, head librarian at Capitol Area District Libraries’ downtown branch, is delaying her retirement one day so she can go out with a bang at the library’s Family Celebration Saturday....
March 29 2017
Donohoe will be celebrating the release of “The Irishman’s Daughter” with a concert Friday in St. Johns. The show, hosted by the Wilson Center Auditorium, is also a fundraiser. Half of...
‘American Hero’ explores the struggle of the under-employed
March 22 2017
In his director’s notes, Andy Callis suggested that “American Hero” had heroic characters who found solutions to “problematic lives.” But when the play ended, all three lead...
Lansing-based cage fighter prepares for professional debut
March 22 2017
“I wrestle with one of the coaches here at MSU twice a week. Then I do MMA (mixed martial arts), which is boxing, sparring and jujitsu — we basically live-spar, live fighting three times a...
MSU grad Raji Singh brings luxury tea brand to East Lansing
March 22 2017
Singh, 25, is the North American business development director for luxury tea brand Newby Teas. While her taste in tea has evolved with her new job, her original statement isn’t too far off from...
Ixion Theatre explores the absurd in pair of plays
March 22 2017
Were I less dedicated to my work, I might grab a thesaurus and find all the synonyms for “wacky,” list all of them, add a few identifications, send it to my editor and say, “This review...
Jan Bidwell makes a case for meditation in activism
March 15 2017
In the late 1960s, a group of my friends, students at Michigan State University, became enamored by transcendental meditation after attending a free group session. At the time, my other friends and I thought...
Beverly Jenkins shakes up romance with black characters, historic settings
March 8 2017
City Pulse caught up with the author while she was at her home in Belleville, Mich., on a respite from a demanding author tour. Jenkins had no inkling she’d be a writer on the road for a book promotion...
March 8 2017
The Lansing-based band Hut Two Hike releases its debut disc, “Beach Noir” (GTG Records), Saturday at the Avenue Café. Opening the show are Lee Gus Varner, Half Tongue, Conspicuous Bystanders...
Major Brown Clarke backer owes $72,000 in delinquent taxes
March 8 2017
The host of mayoral candidate Judi Brown Clarke’s kickoff fundraiser owes over $72,000 in delinquent property taxes, interest and fees either personally or through limited liability companies of...
Former Olympic medalist makes bid for Lansing Mayor’s Office
March 8 2017
Olympic Silver Medalist Judi Brown Clarke has signed up for what may be the run of her life. Last week she announced she’s seeking to become Lansing’s first African American and female mayor
Camille Seaman captures storms, glaciers and Polar bears
March 8 2017
Massive tornadoes and below-freezing temperatures are just a normal day’s work for photographer Camille Seaman. She doesn’t shy away from the things that scare most people. In fact. she manages...
Lansing Art Gallery adds Katrina Daniels, MICA Gallery becomes ‘volunteer-led space’
March 8 2017
Former MICA Gallery program director Katrina Daniels has a new gig, but she isn’t moving far. Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, 119 N. Washington Square, about a mile south of MICA’s...
Retiring director Maureen Hirten embraced change as director of CADL
March 8 2017
The Capital Area District Libraries system has gone through some changes since Maureen Hirten became executive director in 2011, but the heart of the job hasn’t changed
'Family first' rings true as Bernero calls it quits
March 1 2017
Two Fridays ago, Virg Bernero appeared to be off and running for a fourth term as mayor of Lansing
A Rally of Writers starts its 30th chapter
March 1 2017
Lansing has numerous hidden gems, many of them hidden in plain sight. A Rally of Writers, an annual gathering of authors, is certainly one of them
Dragonfly Boutique & Salon / Strange Matter Coffee Co.
Feb. 22 2017
About 20 miles southwest of Lansing, the rural community of Charlotte is undergoing a significant cultural and retail revitalization
Local mom asks Meijer for healthy checkout aisles
Feb. 15 2017
Local photographer and artist Jane Kramer started a petition on change. org after she couldn’t get past Meijer’s customer service desk last fall
Peppermint Creek’s ‘Heathers’ delivers laughs with dark humor
Feb. 15 2017
“Heathers: The Musical” is a dark — more like black — satire. If you haven’t seen the ‘80s cult film on which it’s based, you’ve now been warned. That said,...
Sharon Isbin joins Lansing Symphony for a night of Latin American music
Feb. 8 2017
As a child, Sharon Isbin wanted to be a scientist. She shot bottle rockets 1,500 feet across her backyard and built cloud chambers that detect subatomic particles

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