May 4 2017
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers handily defeated Alexander in two congressional runs in 2004 and 2008, the worst in a series of electoral setbacks that encouraged Alexander to stick to a role for which he was bust...
Meridian Community Band premieres piece composed by local high school student
April 26 2017
Had Meridian Community Band music director Tom Gillette not stood behind the Neeleys at a train station in Chicago, they might not have struck up a conversation. Had they not done so, then 16-year-old...
‘1984’ a grim reminder of dangers of authoritarianism
April 5 2017
You may not want to take a first date to see “1984.” But your soon-to-be voting, nearly 18-year-old son or daughter? No question
Drama, film versions ride new wave of interest in `1984´
March 29 2017
On Tuesday, Lansing’s Capital City Film Festival will open with a special screening of Michael Radford’s 1984 film version, with John Hurt as Winston, the transgressive free thinker, and Richard...
The Woolies’ Bob Baldori looks back on 50-year friendship with Chuck Berry
March 22 2017
“He taught me how to write rock,” said the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. “He was a magician making music that was exotic yet normal,” wrote Paul McCartney on his website. Meanwhile,...
With Bernero not running, Schor’s support piles up
March 8 2017
Seats on the Andy Schor Express to City Hall are quickly filling up
'Family first' rings true as Bernero calls it quits
March 1 2017
Two Fridays ago, Virg Bernero appeared to be off and running for a fourth term as mayor of Lansing
Viral video puts local singer on stage with R&B royalty
Nov. 23 2016
It was the biggest stage he’d ever performed on — a space that can hold over 24,000 people — but 26-year-old Lansing singer Lucas Holliday didn’t flinch at the Palace of Auburn...
Berl Schwartz looks back on his career in journalism
Sept. 21 2016
Berl Schwartz showed an early interest in alternative news. While in high school, Schwartz and his best friend started an alternative high school newspaper as a counterpoint to the school’s, which...
Aug. 17 2016
Some say consumerism and spirituality are incompatible, but that's an anti-capitalist crock. At Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland, the world's biggest Christmas-themed store, Yuletide pilgrims find themselves...
June 15 2016
Since graduating from MSU in 2007, Williams studied at the Juilliard School and became firmly established in the jazz world, playing most recently in guitarist Pat Metheny’s Grammy-winning Unity...
Remembering former Lansing Symphony maestro Gustav Meier
June 8 2016
Soft-spoken, Swiss-born Gustav Meier looked the part of the maestro, with an elegant profile and silver hair that whipped to and fro on demand. But Meier, who died May 26 at 86, was an excited kid in...
Timothy Muffitt will return as Lansing Symphony maestro
May 11 2016
Last Thursday, Timothy Muffitt settled into a chair at a coffee shop near his home in Haslett. There was a lot to talk about. The night before, he closed out his 10th season as conductor and music director...
Author Steve Hamilton tries his hand at hard-boiled crime fiction
May 11 2016
When Michigan native Steve Hamilton wrote his second stand-alone crime novel, “The Lock Artist,” in 2010, it seemed like a temporary diversion. The author soon returned to his familiar “Alex...
Todd Barry talks rock clubs, crowd work and coffee shops
April 27 2016
Comedian Todd Barry’s style is so dry, it can be hard to tell when he’s moved on to the next joke
Bill Castanier remembers author Jim Harrison
March 30 2016
It was a phone call I knew was coming. I was in the garden with my spouse, cleaning up the detritus of winter, giving the tiny buds room to breathe and making it easier for deer to nibble tender tulips,...
March 2 2016
The Big Show – however diminished by Super Tuesday’s results — comes to Michigan next week, when the two major political parties hold their primary elections for president
City Pulse survey shows Bernero with high scores for performance and likeability
Jan. 20 2016
Look back at 2010, the race for governor in Michigan, and there he is: Virg Bernero, America's angriest mayor. A familiar talking head on cable television, it's Bernero railing against big business and...
Robert Green reflects on decades of civil rights activism
Jan. 13 2016
In a date book kept by civil rights leader and former MSU Professor Robert L. Green, a simple note, dated April 4, 1968, brings back a flood of memories. The entry reads, “MLK shot and killed.”
Creative take on Dickens’ classic shines at Williamston Theatre
Dec. 2 2015
Williamston Theatre has a rich history of presenting holiday plays that run the gamut from funny to poignant

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