Twenty years later, ‘Rent’ offers window into HIV/AIDS epidemic
March 15 2017
David Merino was in fifth grade when he caught a clip from the 2005 film version of “Rent” on television. Instantly hooked, he soon managed to see the whole film and then picked up the original...
Needle exchange program could head off HIV outbreak
Feb. 1 2017
In a race against time, the Ingham County Health Department and other local agencies are working to set up a needle exchange program to head off a potential outbreak of HIV and other communicable diseases...
Dec. 2 2015
In the 34 years since scientists first identified HIV, much has changed. What was once an almost certain death sentence is now considered a chronic but manageable health condition and, in fact, preventable....
The HIV epidemic is changing
Dec. 2 2015
Alex Saenz is a gregarious 27-year-old gay man. but his bubbly exterior hides a rough and tumble life
When my HIV status suddenly made me part of a story
Sept. 22 2015
OK — so, let’s get this out there right on the front end. I am living with HIV
As more people use drugs, injection drug use increases — and so do cases of HIV, other diseases
Sept. 16 2015
In December 2014, a small Southern Indiana county started registering an explosion of HIV cases. Scott County had usually identified only five news cases of the infection every year. But in December that...
Ingham County offers free HIV testing today
June 26 2015
FRIDAY, JUNE 26 — In conjunction with National HIV Testing Day, the Ingham County Health Department is hosting a community testing event today, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the health department building...
Ingham County’s Gulick defined caregiving on the frontlines of AIDS battle
Dec. 3 2014
Over a year ago, I was struggling with pneumonia. It was a persistent pneumonia. I would take antibiotics, it would clear up briefly, only to come raging back with serious fever. I would be left gasping...
Panel discussion about PrEP HIV prevention drug comes to Lansing
Dec. 3 2014
Jesse Anguiano only wanted an extra layer of protection during sex. The 31-year-old gay man had been hearing about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for some time from HIV test counselors at the Lansing...
In broad new guidelines, federal health authorities say nearly every person at risk for HIV infection should consider using once-a-day pill to prevent getting the virus
May 21 2014
Greg is a sexually active 24-yearold man in Lansing. HIV and other sexually transmitted infections are definitely on his radar, he says, despite saying he “always” uses a condom with casual...
State report finds HIV rates remain high, including in Ingham County
Oct. 16 2013
The HIV crisis is far from over in Michigan. And among counties with high HIV rates, Ingham ranks near the top
Newly launched campaign blends HIV education, online outreach with local events
June 25 2014
Monday marked the launch of PrEP4ITNow, an online campaign stressing the importance of HIV testing, status awareness and prevention education
Stop treating HIV like the disease we knew in the early days of the epidemic and face facts
March 19 2014
We can stop the HIV epidemic — but will we? The time has come to admit three simple facts in the battle against HIV
Lansing Area AIDS Network hosts seventh annual Red Ribbon Gala
Nov. 9 2011
Nonprofits have weathered some difficult challenges in the past decade, and the Lansing Area AIDS Network is no exception. Jacob Distel, executive director of LAAN, says the annual Red Ribbon Gala is an...
June 24 2009
Some of the research on black men who have sex with men indicates that they have sex with women regardless of what their sexual orientation identity may be and more than other men who have sex with men....
An outbreak of syphilis in Ingham County raises concern about unsafe sex and HIV co-infections. But Saturday is National HIV Testing Day, and HIV and STD testing opportunities are plentiful in the area.
June 24 2009
It was inevitable that Dr. Peter Gulick, a physician and HIV and AIDS specialist at the Ingham County Health Department, would pull out a medical textbook to show gruesome pictures of what syphilis does...

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