Digital antennas catching on as a way to beat cable costs
March 8 2017
When Lansing resident Meegan Holland calculated her cable bill in the summer of 2015, she realized she was paying $184 a month. That’s when she understood she needed a change
All-star Aziza quartet brings rich jazz tapestry to Wharton Center
Oct. 12 2016
When rays of recombination zap the venerable genes of jazz tradition, fresh mutations vibrate into being
BWL asked to shift substation to create new riverfront access
April 27 2016
At-large Lansing Park Board member Paul Holland proposed at the board’s April meeting that the BWL nudge its proposed Central Substation a bit to the west, a move that would allow development of...
Snyder’s top flaks sing different tune about FOIA now
Jan. 27 2016
At last week’s State of the State speech, Gov. Rick Snyder promised to release his official emails related to the Flint water crisis from 2014 and 2015 — which covers a period after the decision...
REO Town art festival enters year three
Sept. 4 2013
The shuttering of Art Alley may have dampened the local culture scene, but you wouldn’t know it if you find yourself in REO Town this Saturday. Nine bands and a sixhour themed art competition will...
Long-awaited Old Town sculpture honors Robert Busby
Sept. 11 2013
It didn’t take long after Robert Busby’s death in 2007 for people to call for a sculpture honoring Old Town’s guiding spirit. It took a lot longer to make it happen
REO Town reinventing itself as place 'where art is made.'
Sept. 5 2012
If you drive south on Washington Square out of downtown Lansing, just beyond I-496 you'll hit REO Town. At least, you used to. Now you hit a Road Closed sign, a Sidewalk Closed sign, and, to top it all...
Jazz returns to Creole Gallery after two years
March 25 2009
All vibrations disperse and die. The physics are inescapable. But one pluck on a familiar double bass can push healing circles back into the air

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