April 12 2017
Our new friend is a pink cockatoo (Via Defectum in Latin). She’s relocated to Lansing because she heard from the folks at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce that the region’s streets...
Feb. 22 2017
When this location was featured as an Eyesore in April 2014, it was “vacant and boarded, its falling soffit precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment.” The...
Dragonfly Boutique & Salon / Strange Matter Coffee Co.
Feb. 22 2017
About 20 miles southwest of Lansing, the rural community of Charlotte is undergoing a significant cultural and retail revitalization
Lansing native dives into detective drama in debut novel
Feb. 22 2017
August Snow arrives at his Mexicantown home to find a shoebox-size package on his front stoop. As an ex-Detroit cop, he’s suspicious — and he should be. Snow went “Serpico” on his...
Council approves new law regulating home pot growing
Feb. 15 2017
In an action that will have ramifications for home growers of medical marijuana, the Lansing City Council has approved an ordinance regulating odor and electrical use
LAMBS’ GATE ANTIQUES / THE LIFE THAT’S LIVED THERE VINTAGELamb's Gate Antiques / The Life That's Lived There Vintage Market Place MARKET PLACE
Jan. 25 2017
For about two months, Jill Rinner had a “nagging feeling” to go see her old colleague, Carol Lamb, owner/operator of Lambs’ Gate Antiques in Old Town. The two women met in the early...
Trump era brings protests both large scale and personal
Jan. 18 2017
A morning phone call last week is still gnawing at Aubrey Marron’s conscience
Dec. 21 2016
As queer and trans people, we often navigate multiple sets of families. There are the chosen families we have gotten to wrap ourselves up in, and maybe those families who raised us. Often, the former is...
City wants mandatory home inspections for high energy users
Nov. 23 2016
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s proposal aimed at regulating homegrown marijuana raises legal concerns and may even be unconstitutional, critics say
Sept. 28 2016
Being the seat of the state government, the home to Michigan State University and a key player in the rebounding auto industry are some of the more high-profile aspects of Metro Lansing’s economy
Citing rates and health, Council approves BWL plan
Sept. 28 2016
In the end, a noisy coalition of preservationists, historians and tree lovers failed over nine months to persuade more than one Council member to oppose the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s plan...
Sept. 28 2016
Six years ago, Lansing Community College, the Allen Neighborhood Center and the Ingham County Lank Bank announced they would join hands to save this home, built in 1922, and another a few doors away as...
‘Detroit Hustle’ describes struggles, joys of rehabbing abandoned house
Sept. 7 2016
If readers pick up “Detroit Hustle” thinking it’s a book about getting rich by flipping houses in Detroit’s depressed housing market, they will be sorely disappointed. But they...
Aug. 17 2016
In 1977, the world for the LGBT community was a different place. No presidents spoke of equality. A measure to ensure equal treatment under the law had been introduced in the U.S. House but died. East...
REO Brew School
July 13 2016
Over the last four years, the commercial craft beer industry has emerged as both a prominent feature of Metro Lansing’s social scene as well as a budding force in the improving economy. Brewing begets...
July 6 2016
This house sits on a broad residential lot behind a circular drive that leads to a deep cathedral-ceilinged portico. Custom designed louvered copper lanterns flank the entry steps. A cascade of telescoping...
Williamston Theatre scores with encore of 'Rounding Third'
Oct. 7 2015
Williamston Theatre leads off its 10th season with an encore production of its very first show, “Rounding Third.”
July 15 2015
Bancroft Court is a quiet street nestled in the Genesee Neighborhood on Lansing’s near west side. The house at 816 is a mustard yellow two-story, three bedroom, single-family home built in 1916,...
While Lansing, nation await ruling on same-sex marriage, for one couple it´s already too late
April 29 2015
In 1977, the world for the LGBT community was a different place. No presidents spoke of equality. A measure to ensure equal treatment under the law had been introduced in the U.S. House but died. East...
Williamston Theatre finalizes purchase of its downtown space
Jan. 21 2015
It’s official. On Dec. 30, Williamston Theatre purchased the building it has called its home since 2006. Located at 122 S. Putnam Street in downtown Williamston, the 5,000-square-foot, century-old...

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