Local author and activist explores issues of science, ethics and politics
March 18 2015
You may think you know Alice Dreger, but you probably don’t. You may have heard her asking pointed questions of Board of Water & Light officials during the aftermath of the 2013 ice storm. Or maybe...
Fundraiser helps ailing local theater director
Feb. 5 2014
Two weeks ago, Williamston Theatre’s co-founder and artistic director Tony Caselli, 45, was hospitalized. His family requested that full details not be revealed, but confirmed that he is “fighting...
Exploring an unpopular solution to Lansing's budget deficit
Feb. 13 2013
When Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says "everything is on the table" to fix the city's budget problems, it's not entirely true
City clerk says the annual number of Lansing City Council meetings is ‘excessive.’ What do Council candidates think?
Aug. 17 2011
While five candidates support or are open to City Clerk Chris Swope’s proposal that he says would cut costs and align Lansing with nearly every other city in the state, two are against and one is...
June 8 2011
The Republican-led House had suggested the idea back in 2006. At the time, it was yet another duct-tape-and-bailing-wire budget patch job. The thought was that if the Department of Treasury waived penalties...
LCC professor brings informal science gatherings to the Lansing area
Feb. 17 2011
Azima learned about the idea of a science café in 2007 from a board meeting of the National Science Teachers Association in Toronto. But the idea isn’t new. The British started the program...
Detroit-area woman dreams a way to sop up oil, wants to try it in the Gulf
June 16 2010
The idea came to Adria Brown in a dream one night about 20 years ago. She recalled having listened to a news report on the radio about how Exxon had spent billions trying to create a new chemical solvent...

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