April 19 2017
Undaunted by failure in 2016, advocates see 2018 as the year Michigan will legalize adult-use of marijuana. There is money behind the initiative, momentum from other states that have ended pot prohibition,...
Initiative group says cost of legal battle prohibitive
July 8 2015
The ballot initiative to amend the city’s ethics ordinance, which would have created public financing of local elections and stricter rules on lobbying, is dead. Last week, Lansing City Clerk Chris...
Lansing officials weigh legality of ballot initiative
July 1 2015
ADDITION: BREAKING NEWS At about 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope announced he was unable to accept the petitions for a controversial proposal to update the city's ethics ordinance. “I...
Measure advancing; Snyder will decide
May 27 2015
The war between the state GOP and organized labor is being fought in Lansing again. After their success with so-called Right to Work legislation, Republicans in Lansing have set their sights on prevailing...
Sept. 2 2009
A claim that cell phones don’t cause accidents; kudos to Lansing’s green initiative; remembering Bob Gras and thoughts on why negative reviews are important

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