Lisa Pegher, Lansing Symphony take a trip to the land of electronica
May 17 2017
“It’s going to look like I’m Lisa the soloist, playing a bunch of drums at the front of the stage, but what’s going to come out of my setup is another whole sound world that nobody’s...
Jazz icon Wayne Shorter turns poison to medicine
April 19 2017
“We have to be cree-ayyy-tive,” he said, warping the word into a wormhole. “We have to keep watering the plants and keep making more, better telescopes
517 Coffee Co. / Potter's Mill
March 29 2017
Set for completion later this spring, Potter’s Mill will be a collection of 18 small business studio spaces, with a focus on artists and makers. The space is a former warehouse at 701 E. South St.,...
“Voice of the Whale” takes chamber music series into deep waters
March 22 2017
Music lovers are always searching for an evening that will take them out of themselves, but out-of-body experiences are rare, let alone out-ofspecies ones
$24.5 million 'family housing' complex gains momentum at School for the Blind
March 22 2017
Since 2000, limited rehab work and selective demolition have nibbled at the fringes of the long-derelict campus on Lansing’s near west side, but the campus’ century-old, hulking centerpieces,...
Side Bar / Good Truckin' Diner / Glazed and Confused
March 15 2017
“It took a while, but I’m happy with the way things turned out,” Abood said, surveying the brick, faux brushed steel and reclaimed wood of the interior. “I didn’t want to...
Traditional Irish `skin boats´ take shape in Lake Lansing barn
March 1 2017
Rain drummed on the roof of a workshop near Lake Lansing Thursday where two boat-shaped, basket-like frames lay upturned on worktables
Dragonfly Boutique & Salon / Strange Matter Coffee Co.
Feb. 22 2017
About 20 miles southwest of Lansing, the rural community of Charlotte is undergoing a significant cultural and retail revitalization
Lansing native dives into detective drama in debut novel
Feb. 22 2017
August Snow arrives at his Mexicantown home to find a shoebox-size package on his front stoop. As an ex-Detroit cop, he’s suspicious — and he should be. Snow went “Serpico” on his...
Feb. 15 2017
Zoe remembers the first time she saw Amanda, and the second, and the third, but it wasn’t because it was love at first sight. Amanda leaves an impression, and nobody can dispute that. You may not...
‘A Painted Window’ peers into the life of a fallen woman
Feb. 8 2017
The elders among us may remember a closing line from the classic noir TV show, “The Naked City”: “There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” The...
Jan. 18 2017
The day after the election, I made it halfway through the morning without eating. I couldn’t seem to muster the energy. But eventually, operating on minimal sleep, an empty stomach, and despair,...
MSU’s Michael Dease takes a tour through the cradles and colors of jazz
Jan. 18 2017
“It’s round and warm, but there’s passion and articulation and it’s really swinging and the harmony is so clear and it feels so good,” he rhapsodized, turning the word “and”...
Lansing Symphony, Tanya Ell reach into the heart of Dvorák
Jan. 11 2017
As they might say if ESPN did orchestral highlights, it was the bottom of the slow movement and the cadenza was in full swing. Just when Ell seemed to have poured out the last dregs of unfulfilled longing,...
Dec. 28 2016
According to the bridal resource The Knot, more and more couples are opting for less pageantry and more laid back panache when planning their weddings. For those who prefer something more intimate and...
National names, from Lansing and elsewhere, poured forth classical and jazz bliss in 2016
Dec. 28 2016
In 2016, lovers of classical and jazz music in Greater Lansing were again dazzled by dozens of superb local musicians who are also national names — or could be, if they cared to live in a city...
Year in review
Dec. 28 2016
A rash of restaurant closings in 2016 fueled fears that the Metro Lansing dining scene was dying, contributing to the year’s overall depressing vibe compounded by an ugly, surreal election cycle...
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns
Dec. 21 2016
Red’s Smokehouse is working to turn its barbeque stand into a brick-and-mortar restaurant, and it’s looking to the community for help
Dec. 21 2016
I was taught through a story about Xenophon, a soldier and student of Socrates in ancient Greece, that to force yourself to be an active participant in a radical change you have to find your cliff. In...
MSU Professors of Jazz skip the trimmings, go straight for the goods
Dec. 21 2016
There were no festive add-ons, no guest vocalists, not even a stocking or candy cane in sight, but the MSU Professors of Jazz opened up a bottomless, Santa-sized sack of swing for a packed and delighted...

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