A look back at some Top of the Town winners who are no longer with us
March 22 2017
Goodrich’s Shop-Rite
A surrogate bears the fate the first Scott House avoided
March 15 2017
In retrospect, it’s amazing that Lansing’s Scott House made it all the way to a wintry Monday morning two days ago, when its demolition began to make room for a Board of Water & Light substation
March 15 2017
Ginger spice and mild pine notes are set against citrus sweetness and a touch of bitterness. Nothing is overpowering. Whe ther you’re slurping up some udon soup for lunch or settling in for a nice...
Feb. 22 2017
Patbingsu, also known as bingsu or bingsoo, is a shaved ice treat. Softer than the crunchy snow cones you get at the ballpark but more powdery than ice cream, patbingsu has the texture of a fresh, pure...
Feb. 22 2017
When this location was featured as an Eyesore in April 2014, it was “vacant and boarded, its falling soffit precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment.” The...
Feb. 8 2017
Lansing’s own Dead Hour Noise and the Jackpine Snag perform Friday at the Avenue Café; Hastings-based progressive-thrash band 6 Prong Paw opens the show. Dead Hour Noise, a metal/punk/grind...
Jan. 25 2017
Fisherking has been a staple of the Lansing punk rock scene, releasing a series of melodic hardcore discs, including “2 Songs,” the “Forget It” EP and its 2012 LP, “Ghost.”...
Jan. 18 2017
Ford Theatre Reunion returns to Mid-Michigan for a headlining show Saturday at the Fledge in Grand Ledge. Based in Lexington, Ky., the forever-touring group of road warriors, formed in 2008, is known for...
Jan. 18 2017
While not as obviously eye-catching as its Old Town neighbors (or the delightful mural on its northern wing), this building exhibits a simple elegance and authentic details. The main front facade is divided...
Lansing groups team up to create new literary honor
Jan. 18 2017
Lansing already has plenty of trees, and if everything goes according to plan, it will also have its first poet laureate in time for April’s National Poetry Month
Jan. 11 2017
According to a reader’s tip, “The AT&T building on Washington Ave. is not a bad example of brutish architecture, but the windows at street level which once held a communication timeline have...
Jan. 4 2017
Hot Mulligan, a Lansing-based emo/pop-punk quintet, releases its new EP, “Opportunities,” Saturday at Mac’s Bar. Also performing the all-ages show are Kayak Jones, Convenient Trash, Backpacks,...
New retrospective reveals untold stories, inspires nostalgia
Jan. 4 2017
Today’s earbuds seem to be permanently attached to the ears of millions, perhaps billions, of music aficionados. But for music fans of a certain age, the transistor radio was once the cutting edge...
Food Co-op to close retail store in new year
Dec. 21 2016
The East Lansing Food Co-op, challenged by ever-increasing options in the healthy food market, will close its retail store soon, its board has decided
Troubled Food Co-op puts building up for sale
Dec. 14 2016
The East Lansing Food Co-op, which has been troubled financially for several years as competition has increased in the healthy food market, has placed its building on the block
Dec. 7 2016
Grand Ledge-based power-new wave band Jason Alarm releases its first full-length record, “Piling it On,” Saturday at Mac’s Bar. Opening the show are the Devil's Cut, Jake Simmons & the...
Mayoral campaign already framed by shadowy groups and hidden agendas
Nov. 30 2016
A proxy war of secretive “citizen” groups has begun shaping a nascent 2017 Lansing mayoral race
Lansing should nurture, not discourage, billion-dollar marijuana industry
Nov. 30 2016
There's a great adage in baseball: Better to trade a year too early than a year too late
East Lansing Film Festival offers documentary-heavy slate of films
Nov. 2 2016
The East Lansing Film Festival kicks off its 19th year Thursday, offering a week-long slate of features and short films across three locations
Oct. 19 2016
It’s been a former drive-in restaurant for as long as I can remember — which is longer than I care to remember. It’s forlorn and low-slung, huddled next to an abandoned building with...

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