May 11 2017
Chef Anthony “Tony” Maiale, 34, and front of the house manager Nina Santucci, 34, are the owners of East Lansing’s Red Haven restaurant. Last week, City Pulse sat down with the entrepreneurial...
The Grid Arcade and Bar/Red's Smokehouse
April 12 2017
So begins the so-much-coolerthan-it-deserves-to-be 2010 sci-fi sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” but it just as easily describes the opening next week of Old Town’s newest bar: the Grid Arcade...
April 5 2017
Christopher, who is never explicitly diagnosed in either the book or play, shows signs of being on the autism spectrum. While Christopher has difficulties interacting with certain people and situations,...
March 22 2017
The new location, due to open April 3, will feature a menu loaded with breakfast staples such as biscuits and gravy, eggs benedict and French toast, albeit prepared with Glazed and Confused’s signature...
Lansing-based cage fighter prepares for professional debut
March 22 2017
“I wrestle with one of the coaches here at MSU twice a week. Then I do MMA (mixed martial arts), which is boxing, sparring and jujitsu — we basically live-spar, live fighting three times a...
Clarinetist Anat Cohen brings humanist vision to MSU residency
Feb. 1 2017
There is no one in jazz, or in all of music, quite like Israeli-born clarinetist Anat Cohen
The jazz album that took two hours and 91 years to record
Jan. 25 2017
Last month, George Howard went into the recording studio for the first time in his life. So what? A lot of saxophone players make a lot of records — maybe too many. Why care about this one?
Jan. 18 2017
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but what I can tell from popular memes and our current stranger-than-fiction reality is that 2016 has felt like a real toilet-buster. If you’ve found yourself...
Dec. 21 2016
In 2011, two Michigan State University professors used a mapping program to examine Metro Lansing pedestrian access to fresh produce
Dec. 21 2016
Decembers are always jam packed. There’s gift shopping, holiday concerts, family gatherings, charity events and so on and so forth. When I get home most evenings, I’m exhausted and more than...
Lincoln Center dispatches small army on epic Brandenburg binge
Dec. 7 2016
A six-course banquet that lightens your heart, instead of giving you acid reflux, sounds like a miracle. The Brandenburg Concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach start at miraculous and go upward from there
Nov. 23 2016
Thanksgiving is truly the king of holidays. It doesn’t have the stress of giftbuying. There are no costumed mascots inviting kids to sit on their laps for awkward photos. And there’s no underwhelming...
Big Daddy's Lil Donuts / Kavana Nitro Coffee House / Ruckus Ramen
Nov. 9 2016
When Igor Jurkovic told us last week that he was shutting down Iggy’s In Convenience, his grocery store inside Lansing City Market, to concentrate on “other projects,” he wasn’t...
'What if?', asks victim of Eaton sheriff assault
Nov. 2 2016
A $70,000 check and a personal apology from Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich have done little to soothe Todd Brenizer’s guilt over the 2015 shooting death of 17-year-old Deven Guilford
Comic Robert Kelly talks road life, growing up in Boston and food
Oct. 26 2016
Robert Kelly doesn’t shy away from coarse jokes. But he’s not in it to piss you off or make you uncomfortable. He wants to win you over
Collette’s attacks on BRT lowering the discourse
Oct. 12 2016
CATA’s proposal for faster bus service on Michigan and Grand River avenues deserves serious scrutiny, but that’s not what it is receiving from one of its leading critics
Testing for potency, toxins and bacteria will be required
Oct. 12 2016
Inside a nondescript building near a busy intersection on the city’s southeast side sits the only lab conducting medical marijuana testing in Lansing today
Increased cost of life-saving drug ‘unconscionable’
Sept. 21 2016
“Follow the money.” A still common phrase initially imbedded into the national lexicon back in the wacky decade of the 1970s, the years of Machiavellian politicians, the end of the Vietnam...
Aug. 31 2016
MSU starts classes today, and LCC started last week. Your Facebook feed is probably already jammed up with back-to-school photos of your friends’ kids, and it’s not even Labor Day yet. This...
Wolfe Meats / MSU Aesthetic & Laser Treatment Center
Aug. 3 2016
Not content to own and operate two of the highest rated restaurants in the region —namely Soup Spoon Café near downtown Lansing and Gracie’s Place in Williamston — restaurateur...

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