MSU professor’s Trump embrace irks Latino community
Aug. 31 2016
He’s Latino. He’s a long-time Republican. He’s supporting Donald Trump for the presidency
His vision and legacy should guide us
March 30 2016
Chavez took risks, made sacrifices, and he got things done. Our country is stronger and better as a result of his work. It is a legacy of advocacy, courage, inspiration, hope and celebration. He forever...
Dia de Los Muertos event celebrates Latino culture
Oct. 28 2015
For most people, the days and weeks leading up to Halloween are spent party planning, picking out costumes and contemplating which type of candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters. For many descendants of...
César Chávez and North Lansing's Latino history
Sept. 12 2012
On July 30, 1973, labor leader César Chávez visited Lansing as part of a four-day swing through Michigan to gather support for a grape and lettuce boycott. In a speech at Cristo Rey Community...
Petition opposes merger of Cristo Rey Community Center with St. Vincent Catholic Charities; two Council members concerned
Dec. 12 2012
A group of citizens opposed to a proposed consolidation of Cristo Rey Community Center with St. Vincent Catholic Charities is circulating a petition against the merger and pondering further action
Day of the Dead event attacks homophobia
Oct. 26 2011
“El dia de los Muertos,” as it is traditionally known, is a festival in which families remember their ancestors who have passed away. This year’s theme is homophobia awareness, and events...
After immigration raids hit Lansing two weeks ago, the Latino community tries to cope.
Nov. 5 2008
The Rev. Frederick Thelen stood up in the basement cafeteria of the Cristo Rey Catholic Church and reiterated, in Spanish, to the crowd of Latinos seated in the room that if you are arrested or detained...

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