March 15 2017
Superheroes have been a mainstay in popular culture for decades, but they seem to be all the rage these days. Superhero movies dominate the box office, but Lansing Community College’s latest theater...
Four new projects at LCC balance branding and blending
Sept. 14 2016
Four projects on the downtown campus of Lansing Community College smack of mystery, but collectively they tell the latest chapter of a familiar story
Ferguson seeks to sway LCC trustees election
Aug. 10 2016
A criminal investigation into the campaign activities of a candidate for the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees has shed light on attempts by the chairman of the Michigan State Board of Trustees...
City Pulse announces winners of 2015-2016 Pulsar Awards
July 27 2016
City Pulse recognized the best in local theater Monday with the 12th annual Pulsar Awards. The biggest winner of the evening was Lansing Community College’s theater program, which took home 11 awards,...
July 20 2016
The votes have been tabulated and City Pulse has announced its 2015-16 Pulsar Award nominees. This year’s installment of the awards, created to recognize the best in local theater, will be handed...
‘Motortown’ an unflinching look at psychological toll of war
March 23 2016
“Motortown” is not the kind of play that one likes, in the same way one shouldn’t like a film like “A Clockwork Orange.” Admire, certainly, but like? Nope. Lansing Community...
LCC goes steampunk in ‘The Threepenny Opera’
Feb. 24 2016
The singers inside Lansing Community College’s Dart Auditorium Friday night blew the roof off the place. I don’t mean that metaphorically
LCC production selected for Kennedy Center Festival
Dec. 23 2015
Lansing Community College’s theater program may be small — its website lists just two full-time faculty — but it will have an opportunity next month to prove it can hang with the big...
LCC, Gibson’s in legal fight over book voucher program
Dec. 16 2015
Lansing Community College and Gibson’s University Bookstore are battling in court over the college’s new book voucher program — a program Gibson’s says will ultimately kill its...
‘The Colleen Bawn’ brings Celtic charm to LCC stage
Nov. 11 2015
Aye! Begorra! In Lansing Community College’s latest theater production, faculty member Andy Callis deftly directs a talented team of artisans and actors them through a rousing resurrection of the...
Sharp banter and special effects drive surreal LCC production
Oct. 7 2015
Imagine taking a script, tearing it into tiny pieces, gathering up all the best pieces and then staging that as a version of the script
LCC goes from gritty concrete college to garden hip spot
Aug. 27 2014
Ivy covered walls are back in style. A little more than six years ago, Lansing Community College President Brent Knight inherited a downtown campus that was cutting edge in 1957 — a brutalist bunker...
LCC is working on futuristic upgrades and preservation — in some cases through demolition
May 14 2014
“It’s not your father’s LCC.” That’s how Lansing Community College President Brent Knight sums up the projects popping up around his campus. LCC just completed a $31 million...
March 19 2014
Hurtling toward Ruin LCC drama brings to life the final days of Dylan Thomas By Mary Cusack Rage is all the rage in Lansing Community College’s production of “Dylan,” a play...
Lansing Community College keeps up with the competition
Aug. 28 2013
They’ve taken your pulse, fixed your landing gear, trouble-shot your software, remodeled or built your house, maybe written you a ticket or two. Lansing Community College graduates make everyday...
Oct. 17 2012
Many sectors of public education are standing on the brink of a funding abyss. For Lansing Community College, health care costs have increased, property tax revenue and state funding have declined and...
College puts three century-old houses up for auction; preservationist says it's an 'empty gesture'
June 13 2012
Despite a flurry of objections from local preservationists, Lansing Community College is sticking to its plans to replace three century-old downtown houses at the southwest corner of North Capitol Avenue...
Landscaping, historical architecture — and when one trumps the other: Inside the mind of LCC President Brent Knight
June 27 2012
Brent Knight owns 20 pairs of historic cuff links. He’s restored a 1955 Thunderbird, a 1946 Lincoln and a 1946 Ford. He’s subscribed to the publication Michigan History for 30 years, and several...
A look inside the newly renovated Herrmann House, now the home of Lansing Community College President Brent Knight, and what it took to get there
Jan. 30 2013
When Lansing Community College President Brent Knight wakes up in the morning, $900,000 worth of historic renovations greet him outside of his canopy-style bed
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