April 19 2017
Lansing isn't one of them. For a city that sees itself as progressive, Lansing is weighing rules and regulations that will decimate its fledgling medical marijuana industry. Of 62 medical marijuana dispensaries...
April 19 2017
Undaunted by failure in 2016, advocates see 2018 as the year Michigan will legalize adult-use of marijuana. There is money behind the initiative, momentum from other states that have ended pot prohibition,...
Frontier Ruckus' Matt Milia talks songwriting, touring and nostalgia
April 12 2017
Frontier Ruckus cut its teeth in the Michigan music scene of the early 2000s, quickly earning a devoted fan base with its potent mix of melancholy nostalgia, quirky instrumentation and folk-inspired delivery
Malcolm X novel selected for 2017 Great Michigan Read
April 12 2017
“Let me tell you something: From then until I left that prison, in every free moment I had if I was not reading in the library, I was reading on my bunk. You couldn’t have gotten me out of...
April 5 2017
Nothing, a Relapse Records-signed band, headlines Thursday at the Loft; opening the all-ages show are two heavy, Lansing-based bands: Hordes and Cavalcade. Nothing formed in 2010 in Philadelphia, but the...
A look at this year’s Michigan Notable Books
March 29 2017
Last year, Michigan authors and authors writing about Michigan turned out a bumper crop of books, including stories of bird watching, beer barons and baseball. And once again, the Michigan Night for Notables...
March 15 2017
A man of many aliases — Dabrye, James T. Cotton, SK-1 — Tadd Mullinix is known for a unique sounds that features hip-hop and acid techno influences and beautifully crafted abstract beats
Feb. 1 2017
Feb. 1 2017
A reader suggested the southside entrance to the Michigan Avenue stairs to the River Trail as an eyesore because it’s across the street from the Lansing Center and hence creates a bad impression...
Poet Cindy Hunter Morgan explores Great Lakes shipwrecks
Feb. 1 2017
MSU Professor and poet Cindy Hunter Morgan’s latest poetry collection is a transformative look at the shipwrecks that dot the Great Lakes. “Harborless,” which comprises 40 poems, is partly...
Jan. 25 2017
For the school choice lobby — including billionaire Betsy DeVos — this is a chance to make specious claims without referencing where their data came from. Their claims about the impact of school...
Jan. 25 2017
Fisherking has been a staple of the Lansing punk rock scene, releasing a series of melodic hardcore discs, including “2 Songs,” the “Forget It” EP and its 2012 LP, “Ghost.”...
Lansing groups team up to create new literary honor
Jan. 18 2017
Lansing already has plenty of trees, and if everything goes according to plan, it will also have its first poet laureate in time for April’s National Poetry Month
Dec. 28 2016
Lansing-based roots-punk band the Devil’s Cut, along with a full slate of edgy Americana-rock outfits, perform Friday at the Avenue Café. The event, dubbed A Very Krampus Xmas, benefits the...
Dec. 21 2016
Mac’s Bar hosts a bumpin’ holiday-themed party featuring a mashup of EDM and hip-hop artists. And of course, ugly sweaters are encouraged. Set to perform are headliners Landoh and Captain Boom,...
Dec. 14 2016
East Lansing anti-folk songsmith Wally Pleasant became a fixture in the local music scene back in the ‘90s thanks to his sharp, humorous songbook. While adult life has slowed his output in recent...
MSU researchers revive 100-year-old barley stain
Dec. 7 2016
Michigan gets very cold. And when it’s not cold, it’s very humid. And summers can get blisteringly hot with little notice. If you’re a hearty Michigander, you’re probably used to...
Amid anxiety over Trump’s clean energy direction, Michigan lawmakers offer surprising relief
Dec. 7 2016
Believe it or not, the Republican-dominated Legislature is giving hope to clean-energy advocates who are anxious about the direction our climate-denying president-elect could take the country on energy...
Exploring the unique words, accents of the Midwest
Nov. 30 2016
Edward McClelland took a linguistic tour of the Midwest while doing research for his new book, “How to Speak Midwestern,” a delightful romp through the dialects and vocabulary of the region....
Mayoral campaign already framed by shadowy groups and hidden agendas
Nov. 30 2016
A proxy war of secretive “citizen” groups has begun shaping a nascent 2017 Lansing mayoral race

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