April 19 2017
It has been a decade since I graduated high school. There are days when it seems like it was yesterday and days when it feels like it’s been a lifetime. So much has changed in the world, and yet...
Frontier Ruckus' Matt Milia talks songwriting, touring and nostalgia
April 12 2017
Frontier Ruckus cut its teeth in the Michigan music scene of the early 2000s, quickly earning a devoted fan base with its potent mix of melancholy nostalgia, quirky instrumentation and folk-inspired delivery
Feb. 15 2017
Architectural critics often divide their subjects into ‘capital A’ Architecture and ‘small a’ architecture. The former category includes famous museums, large monuments and examples...
Aug. 17 2016
A poll commissioned by Bernero in February of this year showed Benavides with a 41-35 lead over Bernero. At about the same time that poll was conducted, the Lansing School District closed five schools...
Finding wines that will last until your child’s 21st birthday
July 6 2016
A question frequently asked in wine shops goes something like this: “My son/ daughter was born in 1995. Do you have any wines from that year for his/her 21st birthday?” Unfortunately, that...
Flint crisis a windfall for Schuette as AG looks toward governor’s race
May 4 2016
People are poisoned. Government workers face criminal charges. Gov. Rick Snyder is vilified, his reputation shredded
Snow-free yards and fields
Feb. 17 2016
This subject will draw numerous detractors, as it pertains more to regionalism rather than so-called bad architecture. And very few people eagerly anticipate the prospect of clearing sidewalks with a snow...
Williamston Theatre takes on death and grief in latest production
Feb. 10 2016
Death can be challenging to process. People may lock away their emotions rather than deal with them
Dec. 9 2015
In June, unrelated accidental fires struck two longtime Metro Lansing businesses —first Bangkok House, a Thai restaurant just north of downtown Lansing, then Kean’s Store Co., a department...
Standout performances salvage lackluster script
Oct. 7 2015
Here’s a challenge: Stage a play that focuses on a dull, snobby, stuffy, Review entitled upper class American family whose sense of the meaning of life revolves around endless games of golf and...
July 22 2015
“The Food Network Effect” has created booming interest in the wheres, whys and hows of food production, as well as a seemingly unending hunger for organic, glutenfree and GMO-free foodstuffs....
Harry's place adds Greek flair to traditional bar and grill fare
Nov. 12 2014
Urban revival cuisine It’s not much of a stretch to say that Harry’s Place grew up alongside the American automobile. Since the early 1920s, this watering hole on Lansing’s west side...
Nov. 26 2014
Property: 6201 Lake Road, Haslett Owner: Barbara R. Smith, Greenville, MI (Did not respond for comment) Assessed: $23,900 This property’s isolated site and late 1940’s construction date,...
Michigan moves toward the return of medical marijuana dispensaries — this time under much stricter regulation
July 23 2014
For Robin Schneider, House Bill 4271 has been three years in the making. The legislation — approved overwhelmingly by the state House in December and unanimously by a Senate committee last week...
County treasurer wonders how much the BWL is worth; review team not impressed with documents released; WLNS hears it over linemen salaries
Feb. 19 2014
Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing wonders: What’s the Board of Water and Light worth?
Author Lingg Brewer says ‘quibble,’ experts say ‘plagiarism’
April 9 2014
An odd thing happened on the way to reviewing “Dreams Gone Wrong,” former State Rep. Lingg Brewer’s book about gamblers and campus unrest at MSU in the 1960s
Twisty Willis/Gordon-Levitt actioiner throws audiences for a sci-fi loop
Oct. 3 2012
Many science-fiction movies try to dazzle us with the high-tech sights of tomorrow. That's not the case with writer-director Rian Johnson's "Looper." Although it's set in the 2040s, the world it shows...
Wade Rouse talks about the 'fine line between humor and heartbreak'
May 9 2012
A couple of years ago, a journalist told actress Carey Mulligan (“Shame”) how much he admired her ability to express sadness so eloquently. “The emotional stuff is easier, actually,”...
MSU closes theater season with iconic musical
April 24 2013
The musical that introduced Barbra Streisand to Broadway still has much of the same charm that enchanged audiences in 1964. "Funny Girl," with music by Jules Styne, lyrics by Bob Merrill, and book by Isobel...
Cheap Girls celebrates five years in the Chevy van
July 25 2012
The rigorous tour regimen started not long after the band began garnering buzz for its 2008 debut LP, "Find Me a Drink Home." The band plays its five-year anniversary show Friday at Mac’s bar

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