April 19 2017
“The Bodyguard” — Oct. 17-22 “An American in Paris” — Nov. 14-19 “Finding Neverland” — Dec. 12-17 “Waitress” — Jan. 23-28 “On...
Classic British sitcom on the boards at Riverwalk Theatre
Oct. 26 2016
British farce, I have been told, is an acquired taste. But in the hands of a not ready-for-prime-time cast at Riverwalk Theatre, “Are You Being Served?” is a three day-old leftover from a...
Three-day event highlights East Asian cultures
Oct. 26 2016
Art forms from Japan, China and Korea — three East Asian countries with distinct cultures — come together this week for a three-day exploration of Asian performing arts
Oct. 19 2016
Back on Sept. 28, in a post on the Seth Bernard & May Erlewine Facebook page, the songwriting couple made a surprising announcement. In part, the lengthy post read: “The time has come for us to change...
Oct. 12 2016
Michigan’s natural beauty is important to writer and illustrator pair Gijsbert and Robbyn van Frankenhuyzen — so much so that they’re opening their 40-acre property, Hazel Ridge Farm...
Oct. 12 2016
Probably best known for work in the Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band on “A Prairie Home Companion,” Pat Donohue is a Grammy Award-winning folk guitarist. His fingerpicking style seamlessly blends...
Oct. 5 2016
All the spooky happenings this month in Mid-Michigan
Oct. 5 2016
For the past decade, GTG Records has been recording and releasing DIY CDs and vinyl from an assortment of rough-around-the-edges indie rock bands from Lansing and beyond. This weekend, the label hosts...
MSU production raises questions, offers few answers
Oct. 5 2016
Why are people so mean to each other? That’s the basic question behind Simon Stephens’ “Punk Rock,” a play about seven anxious teenagers in a high pressure British grammar school
Oct. 21 2015
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. It also marks the 70th anniversary of the death of one of the war's most iconic figures:...
Oct. 14 2015
Zombies and pumpkins and witches, oh my!
Oct. 7 2015
GTG Records hosts its annual GTG Fest this weekend at the Avenue Café
Race relations take center stage in MSU’s latest production
Oct. 7 2015
It doesn’t start with a neighborhood watch shooting, a police beating or a burning cross. It starts with a drawing on a whiteboard. Yet in the residence hall microcosm of “Baltimore,”...
Standout performances salvage lackluster script
Oct. 7 2015
Here’s a challenge: Stage a play that focuses on a dull, snobby, stuffy, Review entitled upper class American family whose sense of the meaning of life revolves around endless games of golf and...
‘The Whale’ takes on heavy subject matter
Sept. 30 2015
At its core, playwright Samuel D. Hunter’s “The Whale” is a devastating portrait of a morbidly obese man who sees the good in everyone except himself
Sept. 30 2015
Greater Lansing theatergoers are treated to a smorgasbord of theater openings this weekend
Sept. 30 2015
After a short hiatus from the local scene, Peoples Temple headline Friday at Mac’s Bar
Broadway adaptation of indie romance moves at the speed of love
Oct. 15 2014
In the universe of “Once,” music is both the lubricant that keeps souls from chafing and the fuel that keeps hearts pounding. Several times in the script, a character turns to another after...
Inaugural Lansing Maker Week showcases the local creative spirit
Oct. 1 2014
This week a dinosaur was removed from downtown Lansing. On the rooftop of 619 E. Michigan Ave., home of Jerry Jodloski’s entertainment company, Jammin’ DJs., a red inflatable T-Rex stood frozen...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Oct. 22 2014
Cruthu debuts at Kings Destroy show., Sunday, Oct. 26 Kings Destroy is taking a day off from its tour with Pentagram to headline a heavy show Sunday at the Avenue Café. Opening are Beast...

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