Michigan patients find relief in medical marijuana
April 20 2016
Harriet, who has been a marijuana user for over 30 years, started smoking recreationally, but eventually realized that marijuana helped with her depression and anxiety. More recently, she started to experiment...
Capital Meds provides quality medication at budget prices
March 9 2016
Located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Kalamazoo Street, Capital Meds is just about a mile from the Capitol Building. I visited the shop for the first time in December, on recommendation...
City Council members question lack of notification about oil spill, committee to investigate response
July 2 2014
Responding to a small oil spill on the Grand River Thursday, City Council members have questions about how the city responded and why they weren’t notified
Nip-n-Sip serves up deep-fried memories
July 13 2011
We pulled in next to one of many drive-up menus that surround the kitchen and server station hub in the center of the lot. At Nip-n-Sip, your car is your commissary, although tables underneath two metal...
Detroit-area woman dreams a way to sop up oil, wants to try it in the Gulf
June 16 2010
The idea came to Adria Brown in a dream one night about 20 years ago. She recalled having listened to a news report on the radio about how Exxon had spent billions trying to create a new chemical solvent...
Former White House “green jobs czar” Van Jones gives green economy talk in East Lansing
June 17 2010
“It’s good to be in Michigan,” Van Jones says to a vivacious audience. “It’s good to be in Michigan!” he repeats, winning over a sizeable crowd at Saturday’s Michigan...
In rural Ingham County lurks a surprising petroleum industry.
March 4 2009
Almost every day, Richard Scheffler drives his red pickup truck down to the corner of his 300-acre farm to check out his oil well. Scheffler’s oil operation occupies only a small section of his farm...
June 3 2009
In the annals of public policy disasters, one in the last half-century stands out: America’s self-destructive energy policy. And if Eighth District Congressman Mike Rogers has his way, the blunder...

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