April 19 2017
Only a few defied the ruling — and nothing happened to them in Lansing, thanks to the progressive position of the Bernero administration. Gradually, old owners reopened and new ones came along until...
Strict proposed ordinance uses zoning to sharply reduce dispensaries
April 19 2017
Those conclusions are based on taking a map provided by the City Council of proposed restricted and non-restricted areas and placing on it the existing dispensaries that City Pulse was able to determine...
Outlets would be forced to Lansing's far ends
April 19 2017
Only a few defied the ruling — and nothing happened to them in Lansing, thanks to the progressive position of the Bernero administration. Gradually, old owners reopened and new ones came along until...
Council approves new law regulating home pot growing
Feb. 15 2017
In an action that will have ramifications for home growers of medical marijuana, the Lansing City Council has approved an ordinance regulating odor and electrical use
Percent for Art ordinance having an effect in East Lansing
Dec. 21 2016
After two years, East Lansing’s Percent for Art ordinance is starting to bear fruit. The ordinance, which pulls public arts funding from public and private development projects, has already funded...
City wants mandatory home inspections for high energy users
Nov. 23 2016
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s proposal aimed at regulating homegrown marijuana raises legal concerns and may even be unconstitutional, critics say
Medpot shops would close if city ordinance passes
Aug. 10 2016
Lansing is considering a medical marijuana ordinance so sweeping in scope, so punitive in intent that it threatens to destroy the caregiver businesses that have found refuge in the city
City's proposed marijuana law would cripple dispensaries
Aug. 3 2016
Lansing has an estimated 70 marijuana-oriented businesses scattered throughout the city. In just a few months, many of them could disappear
Lansing City Council plans dispensary moratorium; licensing provisions likely
May 11 2016
Lansing's City Council is poised to approve a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries in the city Thursday. It’s the first step towards regulating the businesses and, some residents and...
Public campaign financing, lobbying restrictions proposed
June 24 2015
This story has been updated to correct an error. Lansing voters will likely decide in November whether to make sweeping changes in the city’s ethics ordinance, including adding a provision for public...
Fireworks regulations may need fine tuning
July 1 2015
In May, Kya Rose got a dread phone call. Her 23-year-old daughter was dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Police are still investigating her death, said Rose,47. But now, months later, Rose’s...
Aug. 20 2014
1972 – East Lansing is the first municipality in the nation to adopt a non-discrimination ordinance protecting people based on sexual orientation. 1974 – Lesbian Connections magazine begins...
City of Lansing bills residents over $90,000 for unshoveled sidewalks
April 29 2015
Phil Siebert was in the hospital at the end of February, fighting another bout of infection from his chronic upper respiratory issues. On Feb. 23, at 1:23 p.m,. a city of Lansing official walked up to...
Two City Council members' non-disclosure of financial interests suggests a weak ethics ordinance
May 22 2013
Lansing City Council President Carol Wood earned at least $4,700 as a consultant to political campaigns in 2012, yet she didn't have to report any information on it under the city's ethics ordinance
Bernero administration planning big changes to code compliance ordinance
April 30 2014
Mayor Virg Bernero and his administration are preparing to introduce amendments to the city’s code compliance ordinance that would effectively eliminate property-owner notifications of alleged code...
May 31 2013
So what's the problem with the city of Lansing's ethics ordinance? The same thing that plagues too many disclosure requirements for public officials. While on paper it has most (if not all) of the elements...
Milton Scales, the lone Meridian Township trustee to vote against a non-discrimination ordinance
March 5 2014
Back in November, Meridian Township Trustee Milton Scales was the only board member to vote against an ordinance that prohibits discrimination in employment and public accommodations based on sexual orientation...
Proposed EL ordinance would require landlords to distribute voter registration information to tenants
Jan. 30 2013
Some East Lansing landlords are balking at a proposal to require them to give tenants more than just keys. At a Jan. 15 East Lansing City Council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Triplett proposed an ordinance...
Council opens discussion on an ordinance that would require more transparency by developers
Oct. 24 2012
Another politically charged battle between organized labor and the chamber of commerce could be brewing in the Lansing City Council chambers. Look no further than a proposed ordinance that aims to increase...
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