May 17 2017
My favorites were the plays that bookended the set of one-act plays. The first, “The Physics of Now” starred Richard Kopitsch and Storm Boyer. The real-life couple played boyfriend and girlfriend...
May 4 2017
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers handily defeated Alexander in two congressional runs in 2004 and 2008, the worst in a series of electoral setbacks that encouraged Alexander to stick to a role for which he was bust...
May 4 2017
It’s fitting then, that the exhibit will be hung in the Grid, a bar/arcade that celebrates the 1980s heyday of pinball and arcade games
April 19 2017
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero may as well be called Mayorajuana, given his outspoken support for legalization — even though he claims never to have had even a puff. Bernero’s policy has been to...
Lansing’s reefer madness approach shortsighted as state moves rapidly toward legalization
April 19 2017
Politicians are trying to balance the future against constituents with a reefer madness mentality who would kill the marijuana business in Lansing if they could. Our likely future mayor, Andy Schor, has...
‘1984’ a grim reminder of dangers of authoritarianism
April 5 2017
You may not want to take a first date to see “1984.” But your soon-to-be voting, nearly 18-year-old son or daughter? No question
March 15 2017
We choose the smoked salmon pâté and a charcuterie plate for starters. The pâté ($12) gets good marks, with the requisite smokiness smoothed out by a dill-based sour cream. The...
Lansing Symphony, Berlinsky lift the lid on an epic Russian century
March 8 2017
The Lansing Symphony’s opener Saturday night, Soviet-era composer Alfred Schnittke’s Suite from “Dead Souls Register,” was like a 19th-century Russian music box rescued from the...
MSU student’s food app not just for foodies
March 1 2017
Like many life-changing journeys, David Welsh’s latest venture began with a low point. In September 2015, the Michigan State University student was in Chicago and began to feel ill. It got so bad...
Photographer Zach Trost witnesses media transition
March 1 2017
Zach Trost got his start in photography as a child, working with analogue equipment. The local photographer, now 48, has witnessed the transformation of his craft over four decades
New poetry collection explores growing up in Metro Detroit
Feb. 8 2017
Jim Daniels is back on familiar turf with “Rowing Inland,” a new collection of poetry based on his experiences growing up in Metro Detroit
Feb. 8 2017
When you’re trying out a new type of international food, it’s best to have a guide. I’ve tried Korean food a few times in the past, but I’ve had little success navigating the menu....
Feb. 1 2017
It’s in a terrible location, tucked behind Kwik Car Wash, with only a barely-visible-from-Cedar-Street “BBQ” banner marking its River Street entrance. It’s tiny, with seating for...
Comedian Shane Mauss explores the benefits of psychedelic drugs
Jan. 25 2017
Shane Mauss wants to talk to you about LCD, mushrooms and ecstasy. Well, that’s not entirely true. He wants to talk about the brain. But he knows drugs will pull an audience
Trump supporters keep their fingers crossed
Jan. 18 2017
Get out there and see what Donald Trump supporters are thinking. It’s already a journalism cliche
From sneakers to spies, 2016 produced good reads
Dec. 28 2016
Like a lot of readers, I’m seduced by pretty pictures in books. So it should be no surprise that three of my favorite books this year were absolutely crammed with photographs of architectural wonders...
Dec. 21 2016
Decembers are always jam packed. There’s gift shopping, holiday concerts, family gatherings, charity events and so on and so forth. When I get home most evenings, I’m exhausted and more than...
Dec. 14 2016
Some holiday enthusiasts start unpacking the Christmas ornaments and breaking out their holiday records as soon as Thanksgiving’s leftovers are in the fridge. The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle,...
Viral video puts local singer on stage with R&B royalty
Nov. 23 2016
It was the biggest stage he’d ever performed on — a space that can hold over 24,000 people — but 26-year-old Lansing singer Lucas Holliday didn’t flinch at the Palace of Auburn...
Nov. 16 2016
Since becoming an activist 19 years ago, I have been advocating that more transgender and non-conforming individuals be open about their experiences. This lack of openness has put us 10 years behind the...

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