April 19 2017
To build support for legalization and discourage locales from restricting marijuana businesses, the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act is studded with sweeteners — an array of fees...
Michigan can take some pot lessons from California
May 6 2015
In Sacramento, California´s capital, marijuana is marketed as openly as in the two states that have legalized cannabis
July 30 2014
It seems clear cut: Vote for Proposal 1 and businesses will no longer pay a tedious tax, while local governments continue to collect funds to spend on police and fire departments
Declining advertising, circulation leading to 'great upheaval' in college newspaper publishing. How is The State News faring?
Jan. 16 2013
Twenty years ago, the letterhead on the stationery of The State News said it had a circulation of 38,000. Today, the campus newspaper at Michigan State University publishes 18,500 copies
A casino would bring jobs and revenue to Lansing, but how much and at what price to other operations in Michigan?
Oct. 5 2011
On Friday, following reports that his administration is negotiating for a casino, Bernero issued a written statement saying his “administration strongly supports the concept of a casino in Lansing...
Union leaders want to see the Lansing City Council levy 3.7 mills in light of the failed millage. Three Council members suggest $5.3 million in new revenue and cuts, which the Bernero administration calls a “pipe dream.”
May 11 2011
Because of the failure last week of the special election to raise property taxes by 4 mills to generate revenue for police, fire and roads services, union officials are hoping the Council will raise taxes...
Nov. 25 2009
Bernero said on Tuesday that the $3 million mid-year deficit is a blip com pared to whats coming. Some possibilities for the future, he said, could include a 36-hour workweek
Refinancing the city’s TIF saves the city millions, but leaves no room for anything but paying debt.
July 22 2009
The city of Chicago used revenue from one of its many tax increment-financing districts to build a Frank Gehry-designed amphitheatre, sculpture park (you know, that big, shiny bean and the fountain with...

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