Picnic in the pavilion? Not at Moore’s River Park
May 17 2017
The 61-year-old, two-story picnic shelter was structurally unsound, a periodic city inspection revealed
BWL final Central Substation design nothing like what was pitched
April 12 2017
The new design for the Lansing Central Substation was unveiled March 30 in a joint meeting between the Lansing Board of Water & Light Board of Commissioners and the Lansing City Council. It is barely recognizable...
March 22 2017
The date of this edifice’s construction in 1953 is noted prominently on the cornerstone facing Grand River. However, the building’s dedication was postponed until October 1969. In accordance...
March 1 2017
Despite a flurry of new businesses flocking to Metro Lansing to take advantage of the rebounding economy and abundance of new urban housing options, there’s been a curious burst of bar/restaurant...
Feb. 22 2017
When this location was featured as an Eyesore in April 2014, it was “vacant and boarded, its falling soffit precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment.” The...
Millage will put Ingham County trails in trim in 2017
Feb. 15 2017
You can learn a lot from the recreational trails pavement report prepared for the Ingham County Parks Department in 2015. It’s a grim pathology of horrors like “raveling,” “flushing,”...
Dirt trails along the Grand River open up a Lansing wilderness
Feb. 15 2017
Dirt trails along the Grand River open up a Lansing wildernessAt an obscure trailhead hidden behind a backyard in southwest Lansing, a laminated card is crudely duct taped to a fence pole: “No motorized...
Feb. 1 2017
A reader suggested the southside entrance to the Michigan Avenue stairs to the River Trail as an eyesore because it’s across the street from the Lansing Center and hence creates a bad impression...
Feb. 1 2017
It’s in a terrible location, tucked behind Kwik Car Wash, with only a barely-visible-from-Cedar-Street “BBQ” banner marking its River Street entrance. It’s tiny, with seating for...
Aug. 31 2016
For visitors approaching from the west along Grand River, this building housing Tavern 109 appears to sit in the middle of the avenue. An irregularity in the city plan, possibly following a bend in the...
July 20 2016
“The wayward sons and daughters of a tumultuous and glorious past, fraught with tragedy … are finally coming home to where they first began. Older, wiser, and just as reckless, we're going...
City Pulse River Rock Concert and Grand American Fish Rodeo celebrate Greater Lansing food, music and waterways
June 8 2016
The Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art, usually referred to as MICA, is known for its popular jazz and blues festivals. This year, it’s adding rock ‘n’ roll into the mix
May 25 2016
The first ever City Pulse River Rock Concert features a stacked lineup of legendary local acts. The two-day concert, sponsored by the Lansing Medical Cannabis Guild, happens at Adado Riverfront Park. The...
April 27 2016
Campus to Coast, an annual boating trek hosted by MSU's Outdoors Club, gives participants 57 hours to complete the 160-mile trek. The fastest boaters accomplished the feat in 36 to 40 hours. Campus to...
A trail of tears the River Trail degrades
March 9 2016
Just west of Elm Street, the city of Lansing’s River Trail pathway is crumbling
Lindemann would transform Ranney Park as part of cleaning up the Red Cedar River
Feb. 24 2016
His drain plan, he said, could likely handle up to 2 inches of rain in 24 hours before pollutants would spill into the river. He’s asking the Council for easements to Ranney Park and parts of the...
Nov. 18 2015
Three new businesses in Williamston celebrated ribbon cuttings last week — with “new” being a relatively loose term here
MSU Crew Club hosts regatta on Grand River this weekend
Oct. 7 2015
Lansing’s Grand River — at least a twomile stretch of it in southwest Lansing — will get a little more crowded this weekend
Sept. 23 2015
While the actual city limits are several blocks to the west, this intersection serves as the apparent western entrance to East Lansing, subtly marking one end of the central business district with a slight...
June 24 2015
It was a lovely day. I was straddling my bike, looking south from Maguire Park, waiting for the signal to turn at Jolly Road. A stranger with an affable face and a tan jacket pulled his bike alongside...

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