March 22 2017
On the late February Monday when incumbent Virg Bernero dropped out, Swope wasn’t running. He was “shocked and surprised” by Bernero’s announcement. And he didn’t see how...
'Family first' rings true as Bernero calls it quits
March 1 2017
Two Fridays ago, Virg Bernero appeared to be off and running for a fourth term as mayor of Lansing
Feb. 22 2017
GTG Records and the Fledge Music Group celebrates the release of a new compilation of local artists, “He Just Wrote Them Like That: A Tribute to George Harrison,” Saturday at the Avenue Café....
Rep. Andy Schor pitches a gentler style in bid for mayor of Lansing
Feb. 22 2017
After a long day as a minority voice in Michigan’s Republican-controlled Legislature, Rep. Andy Schor likes to unwind with a book before bed
Schor, Cochran fending off challenges
July 27 2016
State Reps. Andy Schor, D-Lansing, and Tom Cochran, D-Mason, are each facing a primary challenge, but Lansing observers don't see either as being at risk of losing
Sept. 23 2015
It's three years away, but with Gov. Rick Snyder termed out in 2018, no notable public official wants his or her name left out of the discussion when the natural discussion turns to "What's next?" Count...
A training guide for your first endurance race
July 16 2014
Endurance sports are all about suffering — the threat of exceeding your personal limitations and self-destructing is absolutely real. Every athlete has his own pre-race fear, regardless how many...
Hawk Island race gives kids back-to-school bragging rights
Aug. 27 2014
The first few weeks that kids are back at school are filled with telling summer tales and catching up with friendly faces. Just like parents, kids try to cling onto summer memories as long as possible...
Want to get the best out of your feet? Learn how to eat, advises Scott Jurek
June 20 2012
As an eighth-grader in rural Minnesota, Scott Jurek hated running. As a high-schooler, he only ran to stay in shape for Nordic skiing. Today, Jurek, 38, is one of the world’s best ultramarathoners...
Pain, politeness and pride at the 2013 Lansing Marathon
April 24 2013
The quick hustled past the dead at Mile 9 of the 2013 Lansing Marathon early Sunday morning, as hundreds of runners streamed down the slope of northbound Aurelius Road and rounded the hills of Mt. Hope...
March 20 2013
We've heard this before, haven't we? Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero saying he will run for re-election and isn't interested in running for a higher office next year?
Ferguson to run for fourth term on MSU Board of Trustees
Feb. 1 2012
Ferguson, a Democrat, says he still feels like he’s adding value to the university’s eight-member governing board. He enjoys what he’s doing and, at age 73, Ferguson is still viewed as...
April 4 2012
While Robinson declined to talk about the race until next Thursday, the other two admitted the concern among some within the African-American community is real and that there are ongoing discussions about...
March 21 2012
Byrum, D- Onandaga, who cannot run for her post again because of term limits, said she received a call from Swope on Tuesday afternoon letting her know of his intentions not to run. She said the two plan...
Sept. 29 2010
Many voters have received misleading mail attacking our candidate for state representative, Theresa Abed. Theresa campaigns by talking to voters about supporting small businesses that create jobs, reforming...
What makes her run From asthmatic childhood to Capital City River Run
Sept. 22 2010
I’m not alone in this thinking. Race codirector Dick Miles says the route itself is much of what draws runners to the River Run. The half marathon takes in the beauty of Michigan State University,...
Like father, like daughter? Young Bernero testing political waters
March 30 2011
The name "Bernero" may be showing up again on another ballot near you. This time the first name accompanying the well-known surname won’t be "Virg." It would be Kelly
Oct. 20 2010
It’s not that the svelte 32-year-old pulled off a marathon. Or that she finished with a respectable time. It’s that as a statewide political candidate, Benson found the time to train for this...
Train tracks through Old Town to be activated for transporting recycled materials
Dec. 22 2010
The tracks, which run north and south through Old Town near the Chrome Cat, will support a three-car train transferring recycled material to processors throughout Michigan and the U.S., Bass said. The...
April 28 2010
I paused, thinking how to respond. I remembered the excitement in his voice back when he was elected. How he would end partisan gridlock and government shutdowns and annual consternations about billions...

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