March 22 2017
On the late February Monday when incumbent Virg Bernero dropped out, Swope wasn’t running. He was “shocked and surprised” by Bernero’s announcement. And he didn’t see how...
With Bernero not running, Schor’s support piles up
March 8 2017
Seats on the Andy Schor Express to City Hall are quickly filling up
Political civility is standard
July 27 2016
Scandal, outrage and political frustration are three things you won’t find in Delhi Township, or at least in the race for supervisor. In fact, in a time where political civility seems to be a thing...
Provided by the League of Women Voters
July 27 2016
Provided by the League of Women Voters
Provided by the League of Women Voters
July 27 2016
Provided by the League of Women Voters
May 6 2015
My first daughter was one year old, my son was an infant and my husband was deployed to Iraq. I began going to the Lansing Westside YMCA six days a week. I went not only because I wanted to take off the...
Want to get the best out of your feet? Learn how to eat, advises Scott Jurek
June 20 2012
As an eighth-grader in rural Minnesota, Scott Jurek hated running. As a high-schooler, he only ran to stay in shape for Nordic skiing. Today, Jurek, 38, is one of the world’s best ultramarathoners...
May 16 2012
Without Leeman — and presumably O’Dell — Schor had a clear path to the Democratic nomination with Robinson and Copedge chopping up that 3rd Ward and African-American support. With both...
'Signature event' planned as a $1 million fundraiser
Sept. 21 2011
The result is that next April will see the first of what Anderson and others hope will be an annual event. Anderson said at least 5,000 runners are expected to participate in the full marathon on April...
What makes her run From asthmatic childhood to Capital City River Run
Sept. 22 2010
I’m not alone in this thinking. Race codirector Dick Miles says the route itself is much of what draws runners to the River Run. The half marathon takes in the beauty of Michigan State University,...
Jan. 12 2011
Maybe you forget your near-death experiences. I don’t forget mine. It happened on Waverly Road, exactly along that little stretch of road the city of Lansing and Lansing Township may lay this alleged...
Oct. 27 2010
Mark Slabaugh, 53, is the third candidate. Slabaugh, who has a bachelor’s degree in energy management from Eastern Michigan University, is an energy engineer at Johnson Controls, a high-tech manufacturing...
March 3 2010
But running for county commissioner can inject the ambitious with a little extra ho, ho, ho. The 30-year-old Tsernoglou had that. Even if only seven souls out of 1,659 registered voters from East Lansing’s...
Dec. 23 2009
No. 1 Because he can. Virg overperformed in his re-election bid, winning by several percentage points above the most generous pre-election predictions. In political lingo, running for governor is a "free...
March 6 2009
The Mid—Michigan Environmental Action Council pushes the walking and biking agenda at its monthly luncheon

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