March 2 2016
The Big Show – however diminished by Super Tuesday’s results — comes to Michigan next week, when the two major political parties hold their primary elections for president
Bernie the Jew — Who knew? Who cares?
Feb. 17 2016
But for a reason that has barely surfaced so far, a Sanders nomination and victory would be YUGER. While we’ve long had Jews in Congress and on the Supreme Court, Sanders would be the first major-party...
Saturday, Nov. 21
Nov. 18 2015
Next week, families all over Greater Lansing will gather around a turkey dinner — or whatever the popular vegan, GMO-free alternative is this year — and reflect on what they are thankful for....
A moralizing scold, but for the left
Oct. 7 2015
Here's my problem with Bernie Sanders
Sanders support building swiftly in mid-Michigan
Oct. 7 2015
Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is taking “grassroots” to a whole new level with hundreds of groups nationwide working to spread the word, raise money and get Sanders on the ballot
Jazz trio joins Lansing Symphony for powerful night of music
March 6 2013
It felt like a security breach at a gated community when a man in the audience at the Wharton Center alerted his wife to an unfamiliar glint on the stage before a Lansing Symphony concert Saturday night

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