A surrogate bears the fate the first Scott House avoided
March 15 2017
In retrospect, it’s amazing that Lansing’s Scott House made it all the way to a wintry Monday morning two days ago, when its demolition began to make room for a Board of Water & Light substation
McClurken a ‘pissy rich guy,’ Yorko says on Facebook
Feb. 15 2017
“Pissy rich guy.” That’s how Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko has described James McClurken, who has filed to run for her seat this year to represent the Fourth Ward
Preservationists make gains despite loss to Bernero, BWL
Nov. 23 2016
Lansing preservationists took a licking over the BWL power station, but they are still ticking — maybe even louder
Citing rates and health, Council approves BWL plan
Sept. 28 2016
In the end, a noisy coalition of preservationists, historians and tree lovers failed over nine months to persuade more than one Council member to oppose the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s plan...
Vote on BWL substation plan could happen this week
Sept. 21 2016
The Battle for Scott Park, which has pitted the Lansing Board of Water & Light against park lovers, environmentalists, preservationists and the Lansing Garden Club, could be decided as early as next Monday
Contradictions hobble plan to save Scott House
Sept. 7 2016
The future of a proposal to move the city-owned house at the center of the Scott Park controversy and convert it to condos is hazy at best “For the record, we have not revoked our proposal,”...
State preservationists call substation site historical
Aug. 17 2016
State historic preservation officials have weighed in on a big part of the controversy over the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s plan to replace Scott Park with a power substation. Their verdict?...
As numbers shift, BWL goes silent on new substation
July 20 2016
In an apparent effort to prod the Lansing City Council to approve a $26 million power substation proposed for Scott Park, the Lansing Board of Water & Light is claiming that building it elsewhere would...
BWL reconsidering Eckert as new substation site
April 6 2016
Although it prefers to build a new substation at the Scott Center city park, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Malcolm X Drive, the utility acknowledged this week that Eckert was a viable, though...
Scott House fight long overdue
March 16 2016
They got upbraided because they want more information before deciding if the city’s master plan should be changed to allow for the substation on what is now parkland. After all, it’s not some...
BWL substation plan tests Lansing’s preservation ethic
Feb. 24 2016
The 98-year-old Scott House is a largely mothballed city asset of the city, sitting above the Grand River just north of Reo Town. Nestled beside the aluminum-paneled 4,600-square-foot house is a sunken...
One addict talks about his struggle
Sept. 16 2015
Soon, another friend introduced him to heroin. She stuck a needle in his arm and injected the drug. “It just took every ounce of stress that I had and released it for just 10 minutes, 20 minutes....
Six actors serve up 20 varieties of love at LCC
Feb. 15 2012
Up close and personal, in your face and immediate—the Black Box stage at Lansing Community college, one of the most intimate theater spaces in town, is the perfect venue for a tender play about love...
New book finds the Tuskegee Airmen fighting overseas and at home
Feb. 15 2012
The death of President Franklin Roosevelt on April 12, 1945, eclipsed a lesser-known American tragedy that happened the same day. When 101 African American pilots, navigators and bombardiers refused to...
City aims to close 92-year-old Scott House to save $7,000
April 28 2010
It sits on a patch of land at the south end of Capitol Avenue at Main Street; its neighbors are a boarded-up motel, the Cooley-Haze House (home to the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame), Cooley Gardens...
Show spotlights artwork of autistic students
March 10 2010
The show isn’t all rainbows. At Sunday’s reception, Ben Davis, a sophomore at Charlotte High School, stood proudly next to a display case of insectoid horrors made of ceramic, clay, wire and...
A legal help center at the Ingham County Courthouse closes due to a funding shortfall
Sept. 2 2009
The Access to Justice Center at the Ingham County Courthouse closes due to a lack of funding

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