Lansing native appears on Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight'
April 19 2017
“Marrying a stranger was extremely odd,” Duhon said. “One day you’re single, and the next day you have someone calling you ‘husband.’ You don’t know this person,...
Wharton Center unveils pop culture-powered 35th season
April 19 2017
“Broadway has become quite a magnet, especially with the new megahits like ‘Hamilton’ that seem to come out every year. It’s becoming America’s art form,” said Mike...
Aug. 10 2016
From intimate dramas to Broadway musicals to slapstick comedy, Greater Lansing serves up another diverse season of local theater. City Pulse has compiled the region’s biggest theater events into...
Wharton Center program offers perks to attract young professionals
April 13 2016
At the big Broadway shows, especially, Snyder saw few people her age. Most were older. It bothered her enough that she began talking to the staff at the Wharton Center about how to bring more young people...
‘Trailer Park Boys’ duo hits Lansing
Jan. 13 2016
Back in 2001, John Dunsworth landed the television role of Mr. Lahey, a disgraced bisexual police officer turned belligerent, perpetually sloshed trailerpark supervisor with something to prove
Nov. 25 2015
The holiday shopping season begins in earnest this weekend, with retailers offering Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deals to entice holiday shoppers
Cocktail list for 2015-16 Lansing Symphony season calms, piques and zings
May 20 2015
Lady walks into a bar. Bartender gives her a drink called a Concerto for Four Saxophones and Orchestra. Voo, voo, voo, wah! Lady´s head expands. “What was that?” “The usual.” Slipping...
A guide to the season’s best apps, gift parties
Nov. 26 2014
Well this is interesting. For the first time in over 30 years, the 2014 gift-giving season will consist of a single stretch of holiday revelry, from the lighting of the shamush on Dec. 16, the first night...
Yevgeny Kutik opens Lansing Symphony season with arch-romantic concerto
Sept. 10 2014
You don´t need to unpack a violinist’s backstory to appreciate a tone that runs from caramel to glacial melt to bat’s blood, as the music demands. Russian-born Yevgeny Kutik, 28, will...
The Wharton Center announces 2015-16 season
April 22 2015
A potent mix of iconic artists, rising talents and old favorites come together in the Wharton Center’s 2015-16 season, which was announced Monday. Big time Broadway shows are the Wharton Center’s...
2014-’15 Lansing theater goes from tap-dancing Frankenstein to fetish footwear
Sept. 3 2014
Like cars and clothes, the theater sees its fair share of retro. This year’s season of over 50 theater productions includes revivals of classic plays, fairy tales, book-to-stage, screen-to-stage...
How to help new parents make the holidays special
Dec. 10 2014
After a particularly long, cold winter like Lansing had last year, baby rates tend to spike the following year. Funny how nature works. That means a whole generation of ice storm babies are getting ready...
Pulsar awards move to August, add three months of productions
Aug. 13 2013
Those highfalutin entertainment award shows like to front-end the year with all their red carpet razzle-dazzle, but where does that leave award-season junkies the rest of the year? To accommodate your...
Over the Ledge launches summer season with ambitious adaptation
May 28 2014
Science fiction and beloved children’s books are risky categories for modestly budged community theater productions. With its 2014 season premiere, “A Wrinkle In Time,” Over the Ledge...
Lansing area theater season takes some chances in 2013-'14
Sept. 4 2013
In most towns, an alliance of zombies, ghosts and evangelizing Mormons would mean the apocalypse is nigh, but in Lansing it means a diverse theater season that promises engaging entertainment for all ages
Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev make for double Russian climax to symphony season
May 8 2013
As far as anybody knows, these two guys don't compare tattoos, but there's a palpable rapport between Lansing Symphony maestro Timothy Muffitt and Christopher O'Riley, the guest soloist for the Lansing...
New music, symphonic sleepers fill 2014-‘15 LSO season
May 14 2014
“Fresh, but not raw” should be the label for the 2014-‘15 Lansing Symphony season. Maestro Timothy Muffitt will disperse a generous portion of 21st century music along with classics...
A peek at the 2013-'14 season
May 8 2013
Would you rather watch a Ken Burns video or be airdropped straight to Yosemite? Classical music's perennial favorites are a lot like the national parks. The crags of Brahms' Fourth Symphony, the mesas...
Young pianist brings mature skills to Lansing Symphony season finale
April 30 2014
Andrew Hsu hasn´t touched Robert Schumann´s epic concerto since he performed it seven years ago with the Oakland Symphony, but the guest soloist at tonight’s Lansing Symphony season finale...
Peppermint Creek drops the curtain on season with rock musical
July 17 2013
As the last show of Peppermint Creek's 10th anniversary season, the dramatic rock musical “Next to Normal” is something of an inauspicious finale: It has the pedigree of winning both a Tony...

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