April 19 2017
Fear, misconceptions, misinformation and stereotypical assumptions are all part of why sexual assault and relationship violence are not often talked about as LGBTQ+ issues. However, a refusal to be...
Some strides, but MSU still struggling with sexual assault
March 29 2017
The Nassar case is only an extreme example of the ongoing crisis of sexual assault and harassment plaguing MSU
MSU band leader Madden cited for sexual harassment
Feb. 8 2017
Shortly before 11 p.m. on Feb. 20 last year, Spartan Marching Band Director John Madden texted a female band member who had participated in an annual band event called “The Huddle” the night...
June 15 2016
The recent North Carolina legislation requiring people to use public restrooms based on the sexual category assigned at birth conjures a specter of danger that has long been used to scapegoat those who...
Was the McIntyre settlement motivated by a threat?
March 9 2016
As speculation swirls around why Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero agreed to a settlement with former City Attorney Janene McIntyre, one story line is if he had not, she would have sued the city for sexual...
LGBT students report higher rate of sexual violence
Sept. 23 2015
The MSU data is part of a 27-university study funded by the Association of American Universities that surveyed over 150,000 students nationally. The study found about 1 percent of respondents identified...
Hertel bill seeks to educate high schoolers on sexual consent
Sept. 16 2015
“In my time with the East Lansing Police Department, I have seen a scary trend unfold,” Lt. Det. Scott Wrigglesworth said at a press conference at the Hannah Center announcing the measure....
Sexual assault hearing process pleases no one
June 17 2015
On Aug. 2, 2013, an MSU student identified in court documents solely as Ashley met with MSU police and administrative officials to report an alleged rape that had occurred two days earlier. She alleged...
Firecracker Foundation fundraiser promotes healing from sexual trauma
Nov. 5 2014
Years of death threats choked Kayla Polzin’s screams into silence in the small Shiawassee County village of 1,500 people. Polzin silently and shamefully endured sexual abuse by her stepfather the...
Saturday, April 11
April 8 2015
Fashion for the Fire will light up the Runway on Saturday to raise awareness and funds to fight sexual trauma and support childhood sexual trauma survivors in the Lansing community
April 2 2014
In the late hours of Aug. 29, 2010, a woman met two Michigan State University athletes at Wonders Hall. The three struck up a friendly conversation and decided to go to the men’s shared dorm room....
Happy Easter from City Pulse — may you find a place of worship that doesn’t view your sexual orientation as a sin
April 16 2014
If you thought “open” places of worship and “affirming” places of worship for the LGBT community is simply a matter of word choice, guess again. It is the difference between one...
Over the Ledge’s latest explores the dawn of sexual therapy
June 25 2014
Over The Ledge Theatre Co. presents a bawdy, deceptively emotional tale of a late 19th century physician that specializes in female maladies, and the complex cast of characters that orbits his practice
Oct. 17 2012
Meredith Chivers is the sixth speaker in MSU's semester-long series "Whom You Love: the biology of sexual orientation," which aims to demonstrate that homosexuality is a natural occurrence in humans
Sept. 26 2012
Paul Vasey, of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, is the fourth speaker in MSU's semester-long series "Whom You Love: the biology of sexual orientation," which aims to demonstrate that homosexuality...
Sept. 12 2012
Sari van Anders of the University of Michigan is the second speaker in MSU's semester-long series "Whom You Love: the biology of sexual orientation." Her lecture, 4 p.m. Monday, is in Wells Hall room 115B...
Gender identity and children
Nov. 21 2012
Ken Zucker, psychologist-in-chief at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, is the 10th speaker in Michigan State University’s semester-long series, "Whom You Love: the biology of...
The gay brain
Oct. 24 2012
LeVay, a former associate professor for the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, is a writer and lecturer with a background in neuroscience, best known for his research on the brain and sexuality
Oct. 3 2012
An enormous fireplace with ornate Victorian-style tile dominates the Carr family's living room. Elaborate plasterwork covers the ceiling and arched glass windows adorn the walls. Homeowner Gordon Carr...
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