City Pulse’s totally biased, subjective introduction to the candidates for Lansing city offices
May 4 2017
So, when you hit the polls on Aug. 8 for the City of Lansing primary election, or start voting absentee five weeks earlier (unless, of course, you’re in the majority, which doesn’t bother to...
March 15 2017
March 8 was International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for “women’s issues.” This year, organizers of the Women’s March on Washington wanted to demonstrate...
LCC brings colorful, child-friendly take on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale
Feb. 22 2017
To be honest, a child should probably be writing this review. Lansing Community College’s latest production, “The Snow Queen,” is unabashedly meant for children. The adaptation...
Exploring sexy wines with the help of R. Kelly
Feb. 1 2017
February is a sexy time in Michigan. First of all, there’s Valentine’s Day. Second, it’s not warm. Winter is back, and that means snuggles for survival
Comedian Shane Mauss explores the benefits of psychedelic drugs
Jan. 25 2017
Shane Mauss wants to talk to you about LCD, mushrooms and ecstasy. Well, that’s not entirely true. He wants to talk about the brain. But he knows drugs will pull an audience
Jan. 11 2017
According to a reader’s tip, “The AT&T building on Washington Ave. is not a bad example of brutish architecture, but the windows at street level which once held a communication timeline have...
Dec. 28 2016
While some aspects of a wedding are better left to the professionals, others are primed for a little do-it-yourself cost cutting. By handling some of the work themselves, couples can save a considerable...
Dec. 21 2016
Decembers are always jam packed. There’s gift shopping, holiday concerts, family gatherings, charity events and so on and so forth. When I get home most evenings, I’m exhausted and more than...
Dec. 14 2016
East Lansing anti-folk songsmith Wally Pleasant became a fixture in the local music scene back in the ‘90s thanks to his sharp, humorous songbook. While adult life has slowed his output in recent...
Pairing wines with Hollywood’s most famous Christmas dinners
Dec. 7 2016
It’s time for some real holiday talk, Lansing
Monte Pride pulls inspiration from folk giants, local legends
Nov. 16 2016
“Play number five!” shouted a small voice from the crowd. Ben Hassenger, guitarist for local band Mystic Shake, obliged 5-yearold Monte Pride’s request, knowing that he meant “Lois,”...
Nov. 16 2016
Apart from this short section of the street, this block is home to numerous tidy buildings within a successful commercial district. While this building exhibits some maintenance concerns, the state of...
Ixion Theatre premieres new work by British playwright
Nov. 9 2016
Ixion Theatre, the 3-year-old theater company based in Lansing’s REO Town district, is looking to make waves this year with a season comprised entirely of new works
Oct. 26 2016
While this block enjoys significant urban cohesiveness, its troubles are not limited to the buildings. The dedicated bicycle lane helps, but rapid, one-way automobile traffic along this stretch of Saginaw...
Regulations will give big business control of Michigan’s marijuana industry
Oct. 12 2016
For decades, marijuana has been illegal, hidden in a black market and distributed clandestinely, often with criminal overtones. Now, and rapidly, it is emerging from back alleys into the daylight through...
Rare tour reveals Capitol suffers from leaky gut syndrome
Oct. 12 2016
Some scary things have happened on the floor of Michigan’s Senate and House of Representatives. What’s happening under the floor is none too reassuring, either
Local artists make connections at Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize
Sept. 28 2016
Deborah Fehrenbach is used to making art small enough to wrap around a finger or dangle from an earlobe, but her latest project is large enough to wear jewelry. “Breath,” a 6-foot-tall copper...
Vacant storefronts tarnish Lansing's ‘Main Street’
Sept. 7 2016
On a map it's Washington Square, but for Lansing it's really Main Street. Look at old photos and its clear that this was where shopping and entertainment happened: Walgreen Drugs, Woolworth’s, Richman's...
Libel, privacy and fairness buttress good journalism
Aug. 24 2016
Gawker, the intrusive and often salacious website, has been forced to close. It's about time
Aug. 17 2016
There is no logical reason for me to own a skeleton. None. There are some socially constructed reasons — it would be cool, all my friends would be envious (and they were), I could take really cool...

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