April 19 2017
The new attorney general of the United States, Jeff Sessions, recently declared that marijuana was “only slightly less awful” than heroin
Fireworks are big business at Lansing’s Big Fireworks
July 1 2015
Pat Feldpausch, a real estate agent from DeWitt, walked out of the American Eagle Superstore at 901 N. Larch St. in Lansing last Thursday with a grin on his face and a cart full of KABOOM. On the Fourth...
State officials unconcerned about failing water-policy grade
April 22 2015
In a state surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh water, overuse and sustainability might not be the first thing on the minds of Michiganders. And according to a study that graded states...
Feb. 27 2013
Michigan is one of the dumbest states in the nation, but it's not a matter of genetics or innate intelligence. We aren't trying hard enough. And we're also losing too many of our best and brightest
Dec. 12 2012
(Background music: "The Twilight Zone" theme) Narrator: Imagine, for a moment, a state law that makes paying taxes voluntary. Why, backers successfully argued, should people be forced to pay for services...
Touring German youth orchestra smuggles big guns into the Midwest
July 21 2011
“It blasts you out of your seat,” Klaue said. The Ahresnburg Youth Orchestra was formed in 1968, and Klaue has been the conductor since 1993. The musicans are drawn from a school in the Ahrensburg...
March 3 2010
Bernero did not reveal many details about the plan, but he did speak about a need to rework the state’s economic development tools, which he says are outdated. He also said that the state’s...
Oct. 14 2009
A bright spot in Michigan’s conservation scene comes from an exhibit on female environmentalists at the Michigan Women’s Historical Center
July 15 2009
Why does it seem like every time an economist hauls out a chart or graph on Michigan’s economy, the lines are always pointing in the wrong direction?
Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley seeks a federal law enforcement job.
May 5 2009
Like famed lawman Wyatt Earp, Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley may be headed west to become a U.S. marshal. Well-placed sources confirmed to City Pulse Alley applied for the job of U.S. marshal of the Western...
Nov. 12 2008
Catching up with the fight over sulfide mining in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is like starting Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” half way through Episode 5

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