Jazz icon Wayne Shorter turns poison to medicine
April 19 2017
“We have to be cree-ayyy-tive,” he said, warping the word into a wormhole. “We have to keep watering the plants and keep making more, better telescopes
Carpy diem & fastidious and furious
April 11 2012
Sure, even now, you may be faced with one of the big relationship-crushing issues like money problems, forcing one of you to call your dad and then go out in the pouring rain to the ATM
Dicker & Deal Nazi display raises red flag for shopper
May 5 2010
In the bottom half of the case, military items, mostly from World War II, predominate. The Allies seem to have secured the case’s eastern sector, but Germans clearly hold the west
Q&A: Stargrazer
Oct. 14 2009
Lansing artist and musician Peter Richards talks about recordings, performing and how Mike Watt saved him from “Mustang Sally.”
March 12 2009
did you get into hiphop? I grew up on the west side of Detroit, and I always loved music. I wanted to be a producer, but I knew I needed to go to college after high school to learn how to use the equipment...

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