April 19 2017
The new attorney general of the United States, Jeff Sessions, recently declared that marijuana was “only slightly less awful” than heroin
Sanders support building swiftly in mid-Michigan
Oct. 7 2015
Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is taking “grassroots” to a whole new level with hundreds of groups nationwide working to spread the word, raise money and get Sanders on the ballot
Willow Tree Family Center offers help to Lansing parents
Sept. 23 2015
The main thrust of the nonprofit’s efforts are its support groups. It began three years ago with a single support group for mothers. Fast forwarding to the present, the group offers 24 support groups...
Local woman creates same-sex mobile app
Jan. 21 2015
If you are gay in Lansing how do you know if a restaurant is safe to take a date to? How could you show support for your favorite lesbian-owned business? Or maybe you’re transgender and you want...
Bloom Coffee Roasters wants to bring a coffee shop to Old Town
March 11 2015
The crowdfunding campaign, hosted by Seedkicks, began on March 1 with the goal of raising $10,000 by April 15. So far, over $2,300 has been raised. Those who contribute to the Seedkicks campaign will receive...
Can contribute to Congress gridlock
Oct. 22 2014
The decision on whether to support Mike Bishop to replace retiring 8th District Rep. Mike Rogers is simple. If you like the way Congress governs, the partisan bile and appalling lack of governance, Bishop...
Williamston artist’s sculpture sparks orgy of debate in sleepy college town
April 30 2014
Williamston sculptor Mark Chatterley´s primordial, rough-skinned ceramic figures inhabit private homes, galleries and public squares, from New York to South Korea. Last week, a cozy clinch of Chatterley´s...
In a City Council race with veto implications, how do 4th Ward voters perceive Councilwoman Jessica Yorko's support of the mayor?
July 17 2013
The city's budget battle this year was not won by compromise between the Lansing City Council and Mayor Virg Bernero. Bernero got his way by vetoing all of the amendments the Council had made to his budget
Oct. 31 2012
The logic is simple: If we in Ingham County can support the zoo, perhaps we can find it within our means to support human beings. We urge a "yes" vote on a first-time countywide millage, for $52 per $100,000...
A study of 96 classrooms in the Lansing School District
Dec. 26 2012
Lansing School District teachers are creating positive relationships and classroom environments for their students, but their teaching techniques could use improvement, according to results of a recent...
May 1 2013
There's a reason we have clichés. Quite often, they reflect reality. "Cutting off your nose to spite your face." That is an apt description of the state Legislature as it ponders whether Michigan...
Bernero's plan to spend a portion of police millage money lacks Council support. He says consolidating police headquarters at the South Washington Office Complex won’t happen without it.
April 11 2012
At issue is a relatively small piece of Mayor Virg Bernero’s fiscal year 2013 budget recommendation. He’s asking to use $193,900 in new millage revenue on renovations to a former armory on...
Where the chips fell and what’s to come with a new member on City Council
Nov. 16 2011
City Clerk Chris Swope s analysis of the election showed that more females voted than males (55 percent to 45 percent) and those aged 60 years and older had the highest turnout of any age group
Drumming up support for a ‘gaming facility’ in Lansing
Jan. 5 2011
O’Dell estimates 1,000 jobs could result in a downtown gaming facility. He is quick to point out that his aim is a “gaming facility” (casinos have a negative stigma, he said) without...
Drake for state rep
Oct. 13 2010
The list of medical marijuana-related businesses in last week’s issue inaccurately implied that two businesses at 2208 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing are jointly owned. Capital City Grower Supply and...
Oct. 14 2009
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero helping area GDP, but also gets knocked for taking campaign money from out of Lansing; also, gripes about LCC trustee candidates’ develop backers, and a plea to patronize...
July 29 2009
The City Pulse report of the UAW endorsement of (incumbent Virg) Bernero for Lansing’s next mayor surprises me. I’ve figured the only Bernero supporters were the "cool" people who were looking...
Sept. 17 2009
A lot of local officials support Mayor Virg Bernero, but do voters care?
Sept. 9 2009
Does Penelope Tsernoglou’s interest in former Ingham County commissioner Marc Thomas’ seat conflict with her job working at Practical Political Consulting, owned by Ingham County commissioner...

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