Kathy Johnson looks back on nearly 40 years in libraries
March 29 2017
Kathy Johnson, head librarian at Capitol Area District Libraries’ downtown branch, is delaying her retirement one day so she can go out with a bang at the library’s Family Celebration Saturday....
Behind Dunnings’ plea: politics and rigged justice
Aug. 3 2016
Bernie Sanders is talking about income inequality when he growls that “the system is rigged,” but his complaint is just as valid for the “justice” system
Jones amends medical marijuana bills to follow state system for alcohol
Dec. 9 2015
In a major shift, state Sen. Rick Jones amended legislation Tuesday to govern medical marijuana dispensaries to follow the same tiered distribution system as alcohol
Ex-cop champions making pot shops legal
Dec. 2 2015
It’s like Nixon going to China. Rick Jones is a conservative ex-cop who is leading the charge to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan. His actions may soon allow the operators of the...
Jones leading way in Senate on bill favoring dispensaries
Oct. 14 2015
After clearing the state House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority this month, a legislative package to tax and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries has a strong likelihood of making it...
June 24 2015
It was a lovely day. I was straddling my bike, looking south from Maguire Park, waiting for the signal to turn at Jolly Road. A stranger with an affable face and a tan jacket pulled his bike alongside...
The digital age puts the ‘e’ in ‘library’
July 23 2014
With apologies to Mark Twain, reports of the death of libraries are greatly exaggerated, and two prominent Lansing-area librarians couldn’t agree more
Ingham County seeks tax for county trail system maintenance and improvements
Oct. 29 2014
When you run or ride your bike on a trail you don´t follow municipal lines. You meander along a stream or river. You get lost in the vista or the wildlife. And before you know it you could have...
Oct. 8 2014
My son, Sagan, is set to be either a well-adjusted world citizen or a case study in identity crisis. He is a blend of European and Afro-Caribbean ethnicities, has dual U.S./French citizenship and, if his...
MSU Student Organic Farm project lets pigs be pigs
Jan. 22 2014
It’s a little-known fact that pigs, like birds, build nests for their young. “This is what they want to do when they give birth,” said Laurie Thorp, a professor in Michigan State University’s...
Ingham County Board of Commissioners to consider a millage for county parks and trails, could be on ballots in 2014
Oct. 9 2013
Ingham County may ask voters to approve a major step in promoting non-motorized transportation and restoring beleaguered parks
Posthumus, Schuette and lawmakers graze at the pension trough
Dec. 4 2013
Local government retirees in Detroit are sweating. A federal judge Tuesday ruled Detroit could file Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Thousands of workers are wondering whether the federal bankruptcy court will wipe...
Lansing Police Department to purchase three additional Automatic License Plate Readers for use later this summer, raising privacy concerns
May 22 2013
Later this summer, the Lansing Police Department will roll out Automatic License Plate Readers that will be used to find stolen vehicles, but a Lansing City Council candidate and the American Civil Liberties...
Nov. 28 2012
As we enter the colder months and the holiday season, the face of hunger in our community will be brought closer. The annual giving requests will pour in from the charities that work to address the immediate...
Is it time to reopen the defined benefits/defined contributions debate as pension and retiree health care costs add to deficit? The Bernero administration says yes.
Feb. 22 2012
Randy Hannan, chief of staff for Mayor Virg Bernero, said while "time will tell" if the city’s pension and retiree health care systems are unsustainable, "everything is on the table" when asked about...
March 28 2012
How little we know of the larger world around us. Point of order: How many readers knew that the UN has made this the International Year of Cooperatives? I stumbled upon this fact recently when I was working...
What is the fate of Lansing Community College’s swimming pool?
March 24 2011
LCC administrators figure it will cost between $4.3 million and $4.6 million to renovate the facility and bring it up to code, including satisfying the Americans with Disabilities Act and air quality standards....
Jan. 20 2011
While Superman is fixing the nation’s schools, could he also swoop into Lansing and, faster than a speeding bullet, bypass the district’s school board, leap across the gaping budget hole, shake...
Gang members bring tales of grit, change to Lansing
March 31 2010
Last Thursday night at the NorthStar Center on Lansing’s east side, Latin Counts gang member Anthony Caruso spent two hours alternating rants with another gang member. Caruso, 25, was in Lansing...

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