Major Brown Clarke backer owes $72,000 in delinquent taxes
March 8 2017
The host of mayoral candidate Judi Brown Clarke’s kickoff fundraiser owes over $72,000 in delinquent property taxes, interest and fees either personally or through limited liability companies of...
A church’s dream faces foreclosure by Ingham County
Dec. 21 2016
In September 2014, members of the Tabernacle of David church on the city’s southwest side were excited. They’d bought a former charter school right across the street at 2130 W. Holmes Road....
Properties face foreclosure unless taxes are paid
Dec. 30 2015
It’s a diverse set of properties. One building houses a gym; another a laboratory. There is a manufacturer of plastic products. More than a few are dwellings. All of them share one thing, however:...
Koenig delinquent on Lansing property tax payments
Jan. 29 2015
THURSDAY, JAN. 29 — Ingham County Commissioner Carol Koenig, a finalist for register of deeds, may have unpaid property taxes on three properties she used to own in the city of Lansing
Koenig tells panel she was tardy on taxes
Jan. 30 2015
FRIDAY, JAN. 30 — Ingham County Commissioner Carol Koenig, who is seeking the register of deeds post, said Thursday she has been late or delinquent at times on property taxes
July 3 2013
Before we even consider taxes, the standard of living of those at the top has pulled away from the standard of living of those in the middle and the bottom. When we pile a regressive tax system on top...
This year’s top 10 tax delinquents
Dec. 18 2013
“Unfortunately,” says Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing, the number of foreclosures isn’t improving in greater Lansing. “The level of foreclosure activity looks to stay quite...
Oct. 16 2013
A newly released poll shows the government shutdown has hurt U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, politically. Rogers, generally considered politically invulnerable, narrowly loses to a generic Democrat...
Jan. 16 2013
How do we build the new Michigan economy? The answer to this question is our most important political debate for 2013. After riding on the automobile-driven wave that was our 20th-century key to prosperity,...
Sept. 26 2012
Jennifer Granholm and I have at least one thing in common: neither of us plans to run for public office again. I can hear the masses cheering already! We are finally free to say exactly what we are thinking...
A city contractor and tax abatement beneficiary has been late on paying taxes, but says the redevelopment of the Holmes Street School will be completed this summer
April 3 2013
The redevelopment of the former Holmes Street School into a high-tech workplace is scheduled to wrap up this summer. But the project's completion comes after years of late tax payments and delays due to...
The number of properties owing on delinquent property taxes declines; still nowhere near pre-2008 numbers
Dec. 19 2012
The Ingham County treasurer says 2012 looks like the "definitive peak" of the housing crisis in Ingham County, with the number of property tax delinquents declining by more than 10 percent from last year...
The tense final days of Steven Rigby and the posthumous fight over his possessions
Aug. 8 2012
We’ll never know how Steven Rigby would have wanted this to go down. We do know the Ingham County treasurer and his relatives disagree on how it should
Nov. 23 2011
But in a written opinion issued Thursday, Visiting Circuit Judge Richard D. Ball said, The record in this case shows the description of plaintiff on the front cover of the publication, when read with...
The top 10 property tax delinquents in Ingham County
Dec. 28 2011
The annual list of property tax delinquents in Ingham County keeps growing, but at a much less alarming rate than recent years. And the Ingham County treasurer is hesitantly hopeful that the amount of...
Taxes force Old Town LGBT club to close after a two-year run
May 4 2011
After months of financial woes, The Chrome Cat, a lesbian-oriented hot spot, closed its doors Saturday, an emotional night for not only its loyal patrons, but its dedi- cated staff as well. The final evening...
Are city residents ready for a tax increase to help balance Lansing's budget deficit?
Feb. 16 2011
Dunbar is proposing a special May 3 election in which city voters could elect to increase property tax rates by $4 for every $1,000 of taxable property. The estimated $8.5 million in new revenue would...
May 11 2011
Admittedly it’s only an idea at this point, but I think we’d better jump on this before it becomes any more than that
March 16 2011
On my way to a meeting in February, I got stuck in the snow. It was fully 24 hours after the President’s Day snowstorm, but the street (in an affluent Ann Arbor neighborhood) had not been touched...
The outcome of the May 3 ballot proposal to increase Lansing’s property tax millage by 4 mills is anybody’s guess. Opposition appears strong on the south side.
April 20 2011
On May 3, Lansing voters will decide if the city should raise the operating millage rate by 4 mills, generating an estimated $8.5 million of new revenue for police, fire and roads services

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