May 17 2017
My favorites were the plays that bookended the set of one-act plays. The first, “The Physics of Now” starred Richard Kopitsch and Storm Boyer. The real-life couple played boyfriend and girlfriend...
May 17 2017
Emerging Lansing-based thrash-metal outfit Tyrant wraps up its second tour, “The Take Over Tour,” Friday at Mac’s Bar. Opening the show is tour partner Cipher Six, as well as fellow heavy...
May 4 2017
It’s fitting then, that the exhibit will be hung in the Grid, a bar/arcade that celebrates the 1980s heyday of pinball and arcade games
Luxury Flux releases debut LP at the Avenue
April 12 2017
The band — Lindsey Taylor (guitar/ vocals), Sam Makula (bass) and Stephen Woida Jr.(drums/vocals) — doesn’t mind doing it themselves, especially if they can retain artistic control while...
Jan Bidwell makes a case for meditation in activism
March 15 2017
In the late 1960s, a group of my friends, students at Michigan State University, became enamored by transcendental meditation after attending a free group session. At the time, my other friends and I thought...
Lansing native dives into detective drama in debut novel
Feb. 22 2017
August Snow arrives at his Mexicantown home to find a shoebox-size package on his front stoop. As an ex-Detroit cop, he’s suspicious — and he should be. Snow went “Serpico” on his...
Lansing needs a drink of courage on sanctuary cities
Feb. 22 2017
Action, not words, is usually what counts. And in normal times, that would be enough on the undocumented immigrant issue
Exploring sexy wines with the help of R. Kelly
Feb. 1 2017
February is a sexy time in Michigan. First of all, there’s Valentine’s Day. Second, it’s not warm. Winter is back, and that means snuggles for survival
Feb. 1 2017
Thousands of women will become pregnant this year for the first time. Pregnancy can trigger thoughts of the future and making plans for when the baby arrives. It also can be a time to take inventory of...
Jan. 18 2017
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but what I can tell from popular memes and our current stranger-than-fiction reality is that 2016 has felt like a real toilet-buster. If you’ve found yourself...
With two weeks to go, Council presidency up in air
Dec. 21 2016
But her opponent is Carol Wood, and among the differences between the two is one with a bearing on who should lead: Wood has a perfect attendance record at Committee of the Whole meetings and Dunbar shows...
WLNS anchor Jane Aldrich announces January retirement
Oct. 26 2016
After 31 years behind the desk for WLNS 6 News, anchor Jane Aldrich is ready for her next chapter. Just don’t call it retirement
New book on Grande Ballroom explores Detroit’s lost music venue
Oct. 12 2016
In the late ‘60s, visitors entering the second floor of Detroit’s Grande Ballroom were greeted by waves of pulsating music and an electric light show. They handed a ticket to someone in a bathtub...
Former Barenaked Ladies singer brings reimagined Beatles songs to East Lansing
Sept. 28 2016
The ensemble’s touring show, based on “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” hits the Wharton Center stage Oct. 6. The touring ensemble is a mix of classically trained musicians,...
Lansing Symphony holds its own with star pianist in season opener
Sept. 14 2016
When certain species of male and female spider approach each other, things can go either way — sex or cannibalism. There was a tentative hush, a tense bit of probing, in the opening seconds of...
Aug. 17 2016
The Steel Wheels, a Virginia-based band, plays soulful brand of contemporary mountain music. The dynamic four-piece outfit plays two shows Friday at The Robin Theatre in REO Town, one at 7 p.m. and another...
Bountiful thrift store sits you down and heats your pizza
Aug. 17 2016
It’s hard to believe we almost lost the surprisingly cozy 23,000-square-foot St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to a fire in 2011. In spite of the imposing, almosttoo-nice-looking 2013 rebuild, the...
Bruce Thayer views his art through humorous lens
July 27 2016
Thayer works primarily in mixed media visual art, including elements of watercolor painting, printmaking and paper pieces. He strives to capture audiences with striking images while keeping the work playful...
June 22 2016
The first time someone told me I need to go to that new place, HopCat, and try the Crack Fries, I gave a noncommittal, "Eh, yeah, maybe." The second and third time, I considered going. By the seventeenth...
Riverwalk Theatre stages rousing ‘Rent’
June 8 2016
It was a war against an internal enemy. A mystery at first, then suddenly an epidemic. By the mid-‘90s, hundreds of thousands of Americans had been diag nosed with HIV/AIDS — men, women and...

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