Dylan continues to mine the Great American Songbook
May 4 2017
This new, occasional column is devoted to the Great American Songbook, which comprises the best of popular vocal music from the last century until rock ‘n’ roll took over. Twice a month or...
April 12 2017
It seems like winter may (finally) be headed back into hibernation, and the cabin fever crazed kids of mid-Michigan are ready to get outside and soak up the sun. Summer camp season is just around the corner,...
‘1984’ a grim reminder of dangers of authoritarianism
April 5 2017
You may not want to take a first date to see “1984.” But your soon-to-be voting, nearly 18-year-old son or daughter? No question
March 15 2017
We choose the smoked salmon pâté and a charcuterie plate for starters. The pâté ($12) gets good marks, with the requisite smokiness smoothed out by a dill-based sour cream. The...
March 8 2017
The Lansing-based band Hut Two Hike releases its debut disc, “Beach Noir” (GTG Records), Saturday at the Avenue Café. Opening the show are Lee Gus Varner, Half Tongue, Conspicuous Bystanders...
With Bernero not running, Schor’s support piles up
March 8 2017
Seats on the Andy Schor Express to City Hall are quickly filling up
The jazz album that took two hours and 91 years to record
Jan. 25 2017
Last month, George Howard went into the recording studio for the first time in his life. So what? A lot of saxophone players make a lot of records — maybe too many. Why care about this one?
Jan. 11 2017
After many years, two longstanding Mid-Michigan musical traditions are merging. The Ten Pound Fiddle’s Mid-Winter Singing Festival and its annual big folk concert at East Lansing’s Hannah Community...
Jan. 4 2017
After a month of turkey, pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies, beef tenderloin, gingerbread and my other holiday favorites, my husband and I needed something different to sink our teeth into. And we knew just...
Dec. 28 2016
It started with a movie. Local piano legend Bob Baldori, former keyboardist for the Woolies and go-to harmonica and piano player for Chuck Berry since the late ‘60s, made a documentary on the origins...
Looking at this year’s most gift-able books
Nov. 23 2016
You can’t go wrong with any of the new books by blockbuster crime and thriller writers Harlan Coben (“Home”), Lee Child (“Night School”), Patricia Cornwell (“Chaos”),...
Aug. 3 2016
“You have two festivals, both well attended,” she marveled. “There’s been a resurgence. One of the nicest, hippest things to happen in Lansing was to have Rodney (Whitaker) as the...
New jail, regional cooperation and park funds top the list
July 27 2016
Two openly gay men are vying to move onto the November ballot as the Democratic candidate for the Second County Commission District. It’s the first time in Ingham County history that two out gay...
July 20 2016
In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage — particularly meaningful here in Snyder-Schuette Land, where it was still banned. But in June this year, a homophobic homegrown terrorist...
‘I was a hate-crime victim’
June 29 2016
“This is how I’m going to die.” That was all I could think as I lay face down, my hands cuffed behind my back while the two men rained blows down on the back and side of my head
Fresh Fish & Fry / Mr. Taco / Bloom Coffee Co.
June 15 2016
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. At least that’s the way it seems along the 3100 block of South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where two signs — one new and one old — made a big splash...
May 25 2016
The play is told from the perspective of two pet owners, Dan (John Seibert) and Betty (Karen Sheridan). Between the two of them, they collectively care for 20 animals, 19 cats on Betty’s side and...
Therapists cause more harm than good in ‘Beyond Therapy’
May 18 2016
Ho-hum. Another bleak black box stage. Mismatched chairs, some desks that look like they were borrowed from the MSU Surplus Store, a framed knock-off “Mona Lisa” looking down benignly —...
Local author discusses new book, renewed public interest in true crime
Feb. 17 2016
If there’s one thing author Steve Miller has avoided over the past two decades, it’s working a mind-numbing, run-of-the-mill day job
Capitol Cannabis offers medical marijuana from a nondescript storefront
Jan. 13 2016
I have a friend who regularly uses the services at one particular south side shop. She recommended it to me, but she did not know the name of it. Now that I’ve visited the shop, I understand why....

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