The Grid Arcade and Bar/Red's Smokehouse
April 12 2017
So begins the so-much-coolerthan-it-deserves-to-be 2010 sci-fi sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” but it just as easily describes the opening next week of Old Town’s newest bar: the Grid Arcade...
Viral video puts local singer on stage with R&B royalty
Nov. 23 2016
It was the biggest stage he’d ever performed on — a space that can hold over 24,000 people — but 26-year-old Lansing singer Lucas Holliday didn’t flinch at the Palace of Auburn...
Hip-hop artist Mikeyy Austin hopes to get Erykah Badu’s attention (again) with new video
Nov. 2 2016
Local hip-hop artist Mikeyy Austin dropped “T I N T E D,” his debut solo project, earlier this year. The digital-only EP got a boost in August when Grammy-winning neo-soul artist Erykah Badu...
'What if?', asks victim of Eaton sheriff assault
Nov. 2 2016
A $70,000 check and a personal apology from Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich have done little to soothe Todd Brenizer’s guilt over the 2015 shooting death of 17-year-old Deven Guilford
Local video game developer draws inspiration from Michigan
Sept. 28 2016
Imagine a soccer game, except that you have to navigate shifting floors and dodge gunfire while trying to knock a spiked skull into the opponent’s goal
MSU takes the plunge with four plugged-in, multimedia composition profs
Aug. 31 2016
It’s a public health crisis. People are on the edge. One more syrupy piano tinkle, one more cheap imitation of Philip Glass, one more “Carmina Burana”-style devil chant, and somebody...
Broad Art Museum tackles 50 years of video art
Oct. 21 2015
In a curious twist of fate, the death of former Broad Art Museum Director Michael Rush helped the museum acquire one of the cornerstone pieces of its latest exhibit, “Moving Time: Video Art at...
Loss of Video To Go removes critical human touch
Oct. 7 2015
Lansing movie rental institution Video To Go announced its eventual closing on social media last week
Fundraiser counters antigay verbal assault caught on video
Sept. 3 2014
As his video of a Lansing business owner screaming antigay invectives at his friends and him went viral, Isiah Tweedie knew he had to do more than raise awareness about the singular event. He said he needed...
Fearing reprisals, laid-off LSJ worker calls for boycott with 103 jobs lost
July 16 2014
The man who posted a video calling for a boycott of the Lansing State Journal hopes his “crusade tugs on (people’s) heartstrings” enough to cause 10,000 readers to stop buying the paper...
District Court seeks cameras for City Hall
April 8 2015
When Anethia Brewer, court administrator for 54-A District Court, walks through the court facilities in Lansing City Hall, she is aware of the security lapses
MessageMakers founder looks back on 35th anniversary
July 10 2013
MessageMakers, a Lansing-based media, event planning and PR firm with clients from Old Town to Africa, has taken its founder and president, Terry Terry, on a wild ride through four decades, five continents,...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
May 29 2014
Rebel Pictures-hosted show at Midtown - Saturday, May 31. Graham Lindsey has a style of folk Rolling Stone called “both hick and haunting.” Lindsey, who just released his “Digging...
Local band releases love letter video to Michigan
Aug. 22 2012
Think of classic Michigan rock 'n roll, and you'll probably conjure up images of a shirtless Iggy Pop rolling around uninhibited on stage, shrieking into a microphone. Or perhaps you'll imagine MC5 guitarist...
Why Disney is keeping 1982 'Tron' out of sight
Dec. 15 2010
What if someone announced plans to make a sequel to the Wachowski Brothers’ “Speed Racer,” or the infamous Ben Affleck/ Jennifer Lopez vehicle “Gigli”? If you were asked to...
Insightful ’Extra Lives’ takes video games very seriously
July 21 2010
In his previous books, Tom Bissell explored the Vietnam War and life in the former Soviet Union. In his latest, “Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter,” Bissell steps into what many consider...

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