April 19 2017
Fear, misconceptions, misinformation and stereotypical assumptions are all part of why sexual assault and relationship violence are not often talked about as LGBTQ+ issues. However, a refusal to be...
Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ excels at action, lacks everything else
Nov. 9 2016
Mel Gibson is the greatest strength and detriment to any film he directs, including his latest, “Hacksaw Ridge.” Whatever problems one may have with him — on or off the film set —...
March 31-April 3
March 30 2016
To address the issue of gun violence in Chicago, playwright Nambi E. Kelley looked to history — ancient history
LGBT students report higher rate of sexual violence
Sept. 23 2015
The MSU data is part of a 27-university study funded by the Association of American Universities that surveyed over 150,000 students nationally. The study found about 1 percent of respondents identified...
Sept. 10 2014
The headlines late last month all trumpeted the news: Nine shootings in nine days. It was “uncommon” for Lansing, city police say, but an aberration in crime for the area, not a trend
Research shows gun buyback programs like Lansing's are ineffective at reducing gun violence — but city officials are not dissuaded
Jan. 24 2013
Lansing is gearing up for its second gun buyback program in a year, but research shows these types of efforts are ineffective at reducing violent crime, says a professor at Michigan State University
Dec. 5 2012
In the 16th century, revenge plays were all the rage. Audiences enjoyed the violence, plotting and planning, and one of the bloodiest works of the era was Shakespeare’s "Titus Andronicus." It was...
Axing a girl out
Jan. 4 2012
Q: You overlooked the danger when you replied to the woman who was invited on a hiking date by a man she’d had a crush on. You said that he probably got interested because he saw her with her new...
You call these guys religious?
Feb. 9 2011
Andy Balaskovitz (City Pulse, Jan 26, Guns, Violence and Politics) has researched the number of people with Concealed Pistol Licenses in the state and in Ingham County. He points out that in recent years...
April is sexual assault awareness month
April 14 2010
It was near finals week in 2006 when K’s best friend sexually assaulted her. A sophomore at Michigan State University at the time, K had found herself alone in his dorm room. Alcohol was involved....
Capitol performers take a stand against violence
July 22 2010
If anyone wonders whether there’s any young talent left in the state of Michigan, New Citizens Press publisher and former Lansing City Council candidate Rina Risper has an answer: a big, resounding...

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