Spiral Dance Bar / The Tim Barron Group at RE/MAX
April 19 2017
“I hope (whomever) buys it decides to keep it going as Spiral, but there’s a chance they could go in a different direction,” said Tom Donall, who owns the building, the property and the...
A surrogate bears the fate the first Scott House avoided
March 15 2017
In retrospect, it’s amazing that Lansing’s Scott House made it all the way to a wintry Monday morning two days ago, when its demolition began to make room for a Board of Water & Light substation
Photographer Zach Trost witnesses media transition
March 1 2017
Zach Trost got his start in photography as a child, working with analogue equipment. The local photographer, now 48, has witnessed the transformation of his craft over four decades
Feb. 1 2017
At some point in a woman’s life she will enter into a period called menopause. Unlike what the name might suggest, menstruation does not “pause” upon entering menopause. Rather, it ceases...
The jazz album that took two hours and 91 years to record
Jan. 25 2017
Last month, George Howard went into the recording studio for the first time in his life. So what? A lot of saxophone players make a lot of records — maybe too many. Why care about this one?
South Lansing bar closes unexpectedly after 51 years
Jan. 4 2017
“I’ve been thinking about getting out for a while, but I only made the decision last Wednesday, when the insurance was due,” Kobus said. “And in this business, you really can’t...
Jamie-Sue Seal, John Latini host dual album release show
Nov. 30 2016
After years of working behind the scenes, local singer/songwriter Jamie-Sue Seal is stepping back into the spotlight with a new album — her first solo effort in 12 years
Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale / Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza
Nov. 23 2016
REO Town continues its progression from a bleak stretch of vacant buildings into one of Lansing’s liveliest cultural and commercial districts
Mayoral forecast: Unsettled conditions as three fronts collide
Nov. 9 2016
The answer is, yes. The presidential election is over and, yes, we're already moving on to the 2017 mayoral race
Holden-Reid Clothiers / Green Dot Stables /Zaytoon Holt
Oct. 19 2016
Now here’s a sign you don’t see that often: “Quitting Business Sale.” In an era where Internet retail is putting the hurt on independent brick-andmortar stores, you’re more...
Champion bodybuilder helps local church celebrate 150 years
Sept. 21 2016
At 80 years old, Ernestine Shepherd still wakes up at 2:30 a.m. every day to read the Bible and meditate. She then walks or runs 10 miles before heading to the gym, where she leads two group exercise classes...
Aug. 24 2016
This weekend, LGBTQ people and allies will take part in Pride weekend in Lansing, celebrating their sexual identities. But down at Valhalla Park, another group will gather to celebrate their unique religious...
The Gallery in Old Town / Wonder Woman Estate Sales
Aug. 17 2016
Next June will see the release of “Wonder Woman,” the most ambitious female-led superhero movie in years. Over the next year, you can expect to see the DC Comics goddess’ iconic “double-Ws”...
Aug. 17 2016
It started with a phone call. My seven-year gig as general manager of The State News had ended — a parting of the ways — and now what? “Maybe I should start a newspaper,” I said...
New jail, regional cooperation and park funds top the list
July 27 2016
Two openly gay men are vying to move onto the November ballot as the Democratic candidate for the Second County Commission District. It’s the first time in Ingham County history that two out gay...
Bruce Thayer views his art through humorous lens
July 27 2016
Thayer works primarily in mixed media visual art, including elements of watercolor painting, printmaking and paper pieces. He strives to capture audiences with striking images while keeping the work playful...
Provided by the League of Women Voters
July 27 2016
Provided by the League of Women Voters
Provided by the League of Women Voters
July 27 2016
Provided by the League of Women Voters
Lansing swimming legend Wally Dobler glides into his 80s
May 18 2016
Ramrod straight, ruddy-faced and hearty, the 82-year-old champion swimmer stood at the door of his Lansing home, saying hello. Two seconds later, he was in a chair, ready to talk. How did he do that?
Doug Mains returns with unexpected new album
May 11 2016
Three years ago this month, Doug Mains was writing and recording music with his band, the City Folk, for its second album. But the band broke up after the recording sessions and the album never saw...

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