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From the dorm to the Dome and in between
Debbie Stabenow reflects on her MSU past and girds for the tough battles ahead

Debbie Stabenow, junior senator from the state of Michigan, doesn’t really have to take mid-term exams any more. It’s been three decades since she graduated from Michigan State University, setting out on a path of public service that culminated in her election to the U.S. Senate three years ago. Nor does the Constitution of the United States require senators to account for themselves publicly, as the President must in his State of the Union address.
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Saginaw Boulevard? Neighbors are daring to dream of it

Gretchen Cochran likes riding her bike and taking walks in her neighborhood. Unfortunately, says the retired marketing director for the Capital Area District Library, the location of West Saginaw Highway nearby doesn’t exactly encourage her to do so. “It’s generally ugly.” .
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Can Lansing be cool enough to win back expatriates?

By Guest Columnist TAMARA BEELER
CHICAGO — By now you’ve heard plenty of pros and cons on Governor Granholm’s “cool cities initiative”. What may surprise you is how little those of us who fled Lansing have heard about it. Even if we had, would it lure us back? Would it have stopped us from leaving in the first place?
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Civil Liberties: Henry Silverman
The Poletown decision on taking private property still resonates

Health & Environment: Dave Dempsey
The environmental times they are a-changin’

International Solidarity Movement speakers at MSU
Allen Neighborhood Center offers free home improvement workshops

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Susan Woods: Macy can do no wrong, even in gritty ‘Cooler’
What’s it like to fly with the birds? ‘Winged Migration’ shows us

Live, Local & Karaoke:
Your guide to live entertainment in Lansing and the surrounding area!

Rodney Whitaker takes a solo
Serkin doesn’t disappoint after Meier, crew’s excellent opening

Thom Jayne and The Free Radicals bring ‘eclectic’ sounds to the Creole
Lansing’s hip-hop weekend
Welcome to the machine: Surrogate Band pays tribute to Pink Floyd

Pacing is the killer in LCP’s ‘Mousetrap’
‘The Skriker’: Maybe bad luck is a demon destroying your life

Advice Goddess: Amy Alkon
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